Monday, May 23, 2016

Waiting on an Official List

On Friday, the official Columbia Football Twitter feed helped 33 of the incoming football freshmen officially announce they were "joining the pride." Each of the players Tweeting had their images put on a virtual "baseball card" that looked pretty cool.

But that leaves seven players reportedly coming to Columbia who for some reason did not join the Friday Twitter party. And that's why I'm waiting on an official release from the athletics website to assess our actual incoming haul.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Princeton's Class

Kevin Davidson, (yes he looks mighty young)

Princeton has officially announced its class of 30 incoming freshmen.

The first thing that jumps out at me about this class is that includes six offensive lineman and a long snapper. I suspect that Head Coach and former O-lineman Bob Surace hasn't been happy with the overall results in that unit and he wants to start a reboot.

Alex Deters from the great St. Xavier HS may be the best of the incoming O-linemen. I assume

In my ongoing quest to single out promising big defensive linemen, Matt Hamson out of Pittsburgh looks pretty good for the Tigers.

WR Andrew Griffin also seems like a significant "get."

And QB Kevin Davidson is a possible future start.

Overall though, this Princeton class does not look as impressive as Penn's class or even as much of an upgrade-from-its-norm that Cornell's class appears to be.

Columbia, Brown, and Yale are now the only Ivy schools not to announce their freshmen and newcomers. But I don't expect Columbia to take more than another eight days to do so.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Need for Speed

Kaleb O'Bryant

A good deal of the players offered by the Columbia coaches touring the country this month are fast. Netting one or two of them would certainly change the nature of the Lion offensive attack.

Here are some of the more recent offerees this week:

WR Kaleb O'Bryant from Cypress Creek HS in Houston, TX.

WR Dylan Greynolds from the famous Sidwell Friends HS in Washington, DC. That's where incoming 2016 freshman LinDon Harris is coming to us from.

WR Brandon Lewis from Madison HS in San Diego, CA.

DB Isaiah Richardson from Foster HS in Richmond, TX.

OL Jonathan Rowe from Ardrey Kell HS in Charlotte, NC.

TE Andrew Park from Lake Braddock HS in Burke, VA.

LB Logan Schaefer from Deltona HS in Delton, FL.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Great Loss

#5 Jim McMillian, is front row center 

I've been trying to avoid doing too many non-football stories lately, but the passing of Lion basketball great Jim McMillian is just too important a story to ignore.

The AP obituary has a little more info.

Here's a good short interview of McMillian talking about the 1972 Lakers.

McMillian brings up the ball in the old Columbia gym, (now known as the "blue gym")

And here's a good recap of McMillian's best game as a Lion, his 37-point performance on just 22 shots in the Ivy championship playoff victory vs. Princeton in 1968.

Oh, and here's a video of that entire Columbia-Princeton game from 1968 at St. John's Alumni Hall. The broadcaster was the legendary Marty Glickman. (SORRY the link for the game is now working!)

Friday, May 13, 2016

More Offers

Hunter Adams

As we await official news on the incoming class of 2020 and any possible transfers, I am reduced to continuing my look at some of the players we're offering with spots in the class of 2021:

DB Elijah Hicks from La Mirada HS in La Mirada, Ca.

Also from La Mirada, TE Sire Woods.

WR Luke Whittemore from Buchholz HS in Gainesville, FL.That's the same high school where Ryan Thomas '15 came from.

LB Michael Matthews from Camas HS in Camas, FL.

WR Zachari Jackson from Lake Ridge HS in Mansfield, TX.

QB Sean O’Malley from Loyola HS in Los Angeles, CA. Check out his video, because he really has a rifle for an arm. Columbia has successfully recruited many players from Loyola in the past, including Sloane Joseph '02 and his brother Taylor Joseph '10.

CB Aaron Shampklin from Long Beach Poly HS in Long Beach, CA. Long Beach Poly is where Columbia found one of its better athletes of the last 20 years in QB M.A. Olawale ’10.  

 DL Dai Coye Haley from Atchison HS in Atchison, KS. This kid is three times the size of everyone else on the field in his highlight video. I wonder what the parents of those kids think when they see them lining up against him!

 Another big guy is DL Hunter Adams from Cypress-Fairbanks HS in Cypress, TX. BUT the difference here is that he lines up against mostly very large opponents.

And we have another offer to a rising junior for the class of 2022 comes for OL Brad Cecil from Bartram Trail HS in Jacksonville, FL.