Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Homecoming Horror Show, Part 14

These paper bags will be distributed at the Homecoming tent before the game

Dartmouth Big Green at Columbia Lions

October 25, 2014


Location: Robert K. Kraft Field at Wien Stadium

Kickoff Time: 1:30pm

Gametime Weather Forecast: 61 degrees and sunny

The Spread: Dartmouth is favored by 29 points


The game will be broadcast on the Ivy League Digital Network

Make sure you get the audio and superior commentary from Jerry Recco and Sal Licata.

Lead Stories/Questions

-Will Dartmouth hand Columbia one of its most embarrassing Homecoming losses ever?

-Will the fans at the game voice their anger at Coach Mangurian and the administration? 

Streak Watch

Columbia has now lost 16 games in a row, continuing the longest losing streak since the record 44-game slide from 1983-88. Columbia has not won a game since 11/14/2009 or 683 days ago.

The Lions have also lost 13 straight Homecoming games.

Dartmouth has defeated Columbia five straight times by an average score of 33-9.

Players to Watch

Dartmouth: QB Dalyn Williams runs and passes very well. As a runner, he could particularly shred the soft middle of the CU defense. This could be a career day for Williams.

Columbia: QB Trevor McDonagh should be even more comfortable as the starter and might test a still somewhat questionable Dartmouth pass defense.

Columbia 3 Keys to the Game

1)     Throw it Deep… a Lot

If your offense isn’t working too well, you might as well try to get maximum positives the few times that it does.

2)     Make Williams Stay Put

Williams can really hurt Columbia with his passes, but he’ll absolutely slaughter the Lions if he feels like he can run regularly.

3)     Mix up the Running Game

Cameron Molina is just unable to do much on his own with the kind of run blocking the O-line is not providing. CU needs to go into a 2-back or even wishbone set once in a while and at least confuse the defense somewhat. 

Profile in Cowardice

Two days ago, Head Coach Pete Mangurian did an interview with WKCR's Ryan Young, (the same guy who wrote the great column I discussed yesterday).

The interview started out fine, with Mangurian answering specific questions about the loss at Penn last Saturday.

Then it took a turn for the surreal when he insisted the team was clearly better than where it was when he took over. He stressed that no one on the team has quit, even though the senior co-captain of the team has quit, (Brett Nottingham). Then he continued to push the blatant falsehood that he ALWAYS said that wins on the field would be the last thing to happen in the improvement process.

For those who have forgotten, Mangurian came into last season insisting that the team be judged on its won-lost record. This new "wins come last" line of his is ridiculous on its face AND it's a case of revisionist history.

And then at the 5:25 mark of the interview, Mangurian just shuts down any talk of his record and the program overall and insists they only talk about tomorrow's Dartmouth game.

This is the level to which we've sunk. A student journalist can't even ask the most basic questions.

But listen to the whole interview here and judge for yourself.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

To Tell the Truth

I really liked today's column by Ryan Young in the Columbia Spectator.

This is the link to the full article.

I want to pull out some of the key parts for effect:

"This year, there is absolutely no hope going in. Let me not understate this. There may not be a single Homecoming game in all of college football in recent years that looks as hopeless as this one."


"... most Columbia students will likely exhibit the same lack of concentration this Saturday. Most of them will show up knowing that Columbia’s football team is not very good, and will soon realize how historically bad it is. They will get bored and leave at halftime with the team down by three scores. Some will connect the ineptitude to the rest of Columbia athletics, and their apathy will heighten."


"... maybe Athletics can just showcase something else on Saturday—an ability to listen to its students, alumni, and fans. Maybe this way, those who make up the Columbia community can take hope and pride—instead of a 25-game losing streak—into next year’s Homecoming game."

Please read the whole thing, because it's important to note that at least some current students, and not just the battered old alums, realize just how terrible this team is, this program is, and this athletic department is.

These kids are starting to realize that this is their college experience that's being messed with and their chance to really do something fun every fall weekend weekend that's being lost. 

A handful of current student voices making good points like Ryan's is worth about 10,000 of alums and other fans. 

So thanks to Ryan Young for seeing the truth and expressing it so well. 

Week 9 Picks

Last week, I was 5-1 straight up  but just 3-3 again against the spread.

My overall record now is 32-11 straight up and 21-20-1 ATS.

This week’s games:

Princeton +6 vs. Harvard

I think Princeton has just enough to beat the Crimson again, especially at home. 

Yale -17 vs. Penn

Quakers looked bad to me last week against the much worse Lions. Last week, the Quakers were the prettiest horse in the glue factory. This week, they’ll be nags.

Brown -11 ½ vs. Cornell

I don’t like the Big Red on the road at all. Brown is getting its act together for the most part. The results will be rough for the Big Red.

Fordham -16 at Lehigh

The Rams have kicked it back into high gear, while Lehigh is still merging into the right lane. Fordham should win by 17-20.

Monmouth -6 at Presbyterian

The Hawks should be fresh and ready after the week off.

Colgate +6 ½ at Albany

Albany surprised me with their big win last week, but I still don’t think they’re a full TD better than Colgate. I like Colgate to win.