Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Superior Branding

Welcome campers!

A year ago at this time, Columbia didn't even have a head coach, now it has a leader with one of the most respected names in all of college football.

That's why yesterday's early announcement about the Al Bagnoli football camps this summer is a big step up for the program's recruiting future. The high school players who come to these camps should include some top recruits for the 2021 and 2022 classes. And for those players still on the fence about coming to Columbia this fall, hearing more about Coach Bagnoli in any context will help steer then to New York City.


DOC said...

Another example of what world class organization can accomplish.
Did our prior coaches offer a similar experience for high school athletes in the past?

Tony Brinson said...

Yes they did

oldlion said...

Jake, one of our most highly touted recruits last year was Tre Gilbert. I remember the coaches tweeting that he was a potential game changer. I know that he was really small and light when he reported (maybe 5'6" and 150), and I don't think he ever saw the field. Do you know if he is still in our plans as a slot receiver, kickoff and punt returner, etc.?

lionfan2016 said...

He needs a year in the weight room to adapt to the college game, but should emerge as a primary return man next season and may see a few reps at slot receiver.

alawicius said...

That's Tre Gabriel (not Gilbert).