Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Next Top Models?

Dominic Perkovic

It's hard to look at the 2015 Lions and the presumptive 2016 Lions and not fret about the defensive line. With impact players like Chad Washington, Toba Akinleye, Niko Padilla, and Hunter Little gone to graduation, it seems like there's little chance the D-line won't be a weakness or at least a relative liability this fall.

Not so fast my friend.

The #1 reason why optimists have a case for the Lion defensive front right now is junior Dominic Perkovic. Many of our coaches believe he was snubbed for All Ivy recognition last season, but perhaps that will help him emerge under the radar for this season. At 6-6 and currently 259 pounds, he can be a force as a DE pass rusher. Anyone who saw his bust out game against Fordham last season knows what I'm talking about.

There's also concern about our secondary with the loss of Travis Reim and some of the injury issues we've suffered there. But I think seniors Brock Kenyon and Jared Katz, along with junior Cameron Roane make up the nucleus of what could be one of the best secondaries in the Ivies.

The issue with both the D-line and the Secondary is depth. The coaching staff will be taxed with the tough job of getting the younger players ready to play. The good news is we know this group can be very persuasive. Coaching alone played the biggest role in Katz's marked improvement last season.

This year it looks like the coaches are putting the persuasion efforts into junior Connor Heeb, who impressed in the spring scrimmage. Alexander Holme is another junior who could step up.

It's nowhere near as clear which players in the secondary this season are "coachable" to impact level. We may see a freshman play that role. Michael Murphy is surely the freshman DB with the most accolades coming in to camp.

95 days to go!


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Nice Twitter picture of Charlie Flores (wearing Columbia Football garb) towering over Coaches Fabish and Hahn. Any confirmation that he'll be back in the fall?

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Check that. Second coach pictured with Flores is Coach Callahan.

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IVForum has returned