Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mystery (Probably) Solved

Twitter tells me that the "Northern New Jersey tough guy" who committed to Columbia last week is 6-4, 280 pound DT Josh Kaminsky from Seton Hall Prep. Kaminsky lives in West Orange, NJ.

Kaminski has been turning some heads in development camps this summer. His size and experience make the reasons obvious.

According to my LionFeeders database, Kaminsky will be the seventh documented Seton Hall Prep grad coming to Columbia. A new freshman coming to CU this summer, TE Rory Schlageter, is a Seton Hall grad.


USA Today was the first to report that the Ivy League will start all kickoffs at the 40 yard line beginning this season. This will probably eliminate most kickoff returns, but only most of them as I think just under half of the kickoffs I've seen for years from the 35 still fall more than five yards short of the end zone. Let's see which Ivy teams employ the proper strategy to take advantage of this change.

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Old Lion said...

Who is the new shutdown corner about whom the coaches are tweeting?