Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Making Our Offers

The football social media guys and the athletic department are doing a very good job of updating everyone on all things spring football.

So, I thought I'd refocus the blog over the next several weeks to informing and making a few small comments about the high school players the coaching staff has been offering lately.

A few disclaimers to start:

-All of my info about offers comes from Twitter and they are not otherwise fully confirmed. Being that 99.9% of kids even on Twitter tend to tell the truth about offers, we can be okay with this.

-An intrepid, brilliant, and spicy Columbia alum not far from Sing Sing prison is responsible for finding most of this information from me. His name is being kept secret in order not to embarrass his neighbors and non-incarcerated family members.

-No Ivy offer is "official." We all know these offers are contingent on admissions office approval.

-Don't be an idiot and tweet these kids job offers or give them Giants season tickets. Even sending them a message like that in jest can get a lot of people in trouble. You have been warned.

-The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.

Let's start with Ford Roberts, a promising DL/OL recruit who I think best suits us as a DE:

Ford Roberts
Grateful and blessed to receive an offer from Columbia University #NYC#L18NSEMPIRE
Greater Atlanta Christian HS, Norcross, GA Class of 2018
·         Positions: T, DE
·         Height & Weight: 6'4" 260lbs
·         40 Yard Dash: 5.02

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florida lion said...

Hopefully, the QBs are being offered because they are the best athletes and many will play other positions, and not because the coaches foresee a dire need at the QB position.