Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes, we had playoffs!

For years, hardcore Ivy football fans have been clamoring for football playoffs.

But did you know we've had them before.

Well, it wasn't a playoff system like most of us envision. But in 1931, Ivy teams participated in a special postseason tournament to benefit Depression era charities.

And what was Columbia's record in those playoffs?

A perfect 1-0.

Here's how it worked. Four Ivy teams were invited during the first week of December 1931 to participate in the Quadrangle Football Tournament at Yankee Stadium. Princeton, Cornell, and Penn were the other invitees. It was a one day tournament with three games, with the winners of the first two games taking each other on in the final championship. Each "game" was two 12 minute periods, and in the event of a tie judges would determine the winner.

I found all of this out by digging deep into the Sports Illustrated archives.  Definitely read the story and be amazed.

But, spoiler alert, the Lions won their "playoff" game against Princeton 13-0.

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