Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Ivy 2012: Snubbed Again

The following players were just named to the All Ivy teams. Columbia players are in bold:

Dalyn WIlliams, Dartmouth (Fr., QB - Corinth, Texas)

Nathan Bernstein, Brown (Sr., OL - Charlotte, N.C.)
Cole Hooper, Brown (Sr., OL - Oklahoma City)
*J.C. Tretter, Cornell (Sr., OL - Akron, N.Y.)
Rob Bathe, Dartmouth (Sr., OL - Plymouth, Minn.)
John Collins, Harvard (Sr., OL - Hull, Mass.)
Jack Holuba, Harvard (Sr., OL - Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.)
Joe Bonadies, Penn (Sr., OL - Leonia, N.J.)
Colton Chapple, Harvard (Sr., QB - Alpharetta, Ga.)
Marcorus Garrett, Columbia (Jr., RB - Marietta, Ga.)
*Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard (Sr., H-Back - Medina, Ohio)
Treavor Scales, Harvard (Sr., RB - Stone Mountain, Ga.)
Tyler Varga, Yale (So., RB - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
*Luke Tasker, Cornell (Sr., WR - East Aurora, N.Y.)
Michael Reilly, Dartmouth (Sr., WR - Denver)
*Cameron Brate, Harvard (Jr., TE - Naperville, Ill.)

Josh Martin, Columbia (Sr., DL - Aurora, Colo.)
Zach Hodges, Harvard (So., DL - Atlanta)
Brandon Copeland, Penn (Sr., DL - Sykesville, Md.)
*Mike Catapano, Princeton (Sr., DL - Bayville, N.Y.)
*Caraun Reid, Princeton (Sr., DL - Bronx, N.Y.)
Stephen Zambetti, Brown (Sr., LB - Germantown, Tenn.)
Michael Runger, Dartmouth (Jr., LB - Lisle, Ill.)
*Joshua Boyd, Harvard (Sr., LB - Hyde Park, Mass.)
Daniel Davis, Penn (So., LB - Norman, Okla.)
*A.J. Cruz, Brown (Sr., DB - Lake Forest, Calif.)
Garrett Waggoner, Dartmouth (Sr., DB - Sarasota, Fla.)
Sebastian Jaskowski, Penn (Jr., DB - Moorestown, N.J.)
Anthony Gaffney, Princeton (Fr., DB - Columbus, N.J.)

Special Teams
David Mothander, Harvard (Jr., PK - San Juan Capistrano, Calif.)
Jacob Dombrowski, Harvard (Sr., P - Gaylord, Mich.)
Scott Lopano, Penn (Sr., P - Southlake, Texas)
Anthony Gaffney, Princeton (Fr., RS - Columbus, N.J.)

Anthony Fabiano, Harvard (So., OL - Wakefield, Mass.)
Christopher Bush, Penn (Jr., OL - Westwood, N.J.)
Michael Piniciotti, Penn (Sr., OL - West Chester, Pa.)
Spenser Huston, Princeton (So., OL - Summit, N.J.)
Roy Collins, Yale (Sr., OT - Carbondale, Ill.)
Jeff Mathews, Cornell (Jr., QB - Camarillo, Calif.)
Dominick Pierre, Dartmouth (Jr., RB - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
Lyle Marsh, Penn (Sr., RB - Bethel Park, Pa.)
Tellef Lundevall, Brown (Sr., WR - Highland Park, Ill.)
Grant Gellatly, Cornell (Jr., WR - Iaaaquah, Wash.)
Conner Scott, Penn (Jr., WR - Kenilworth, Ill.)
Roman Wilson, Princeton (Jr., WR - Broken Arrow, Okla.)
Mark Hayes, Princeton (Sr., TE - Tulsa, Okla.)

Ross Walthall, Brown (Sr., DL - Carmel, Ind.)
Michael Yules, Brown (Sr., DL - South Dartmouth, Mass.)
Teddy Reed, Dartmouth (Sr., DL - Boxford, Mass.)
John Lyon, Harvard (Sr., DL - Durham, N.C.)
Nnamdi Obukwelu, Harvard (Jr., DL - Brockton, Mass.)
Zach Olinger, Columbia (Jr., LB - Hoover, Ala.)
Bronson Green, Dartmouth (Jr., LB - Los Angeles)
Alexander Norman, Harvard (Sr., LB - Lewisville, Texas)
Andrew Starks, Princeton (Sr., LB - Plainfield, Ill.)
Emory Polley, Brown (Jr., DB - University Heights, Ohio)
Norman Hayes, Harvard (So., DB - Tucker, Ga.)
Chris Splinter, Harvard (Jr., DB - Middleton, Mass.)
Dave Twamley, Penn (Sr., DB - Princeton Junction, N.J.)
Dan Wilk, Penn (Jr., DB - Bethlehem, Pa.)

Special Teams
Alexander Norocea, Brown (Jr., PK - Hermosa Beach, Calif.)
Joe Cloud, Princeton (Sr., P - Edwards, Ill.)
A.J. Cruz, Brown (Sr., RS - Lake Forest, Calif.)
Tyler Varga, Yale (So., RS - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Daniel Austin, Brown (Jr., OL - Franklin, Tenn.)
Patrick Lahey, Dartmouth (Sr., OL - North Andover, Mass.)
Wes Gavin, Yale (Jr., OL - San Diego)
John Oppenheimer, Yale (Jr., C - Menlo Park, Calif.)
Billy Ragone, Penn (Sr., QB - Chesire, Conn.)
Mordecai Cargill, Yale (Sr., RB - Cleveland)
Ryan McManus, Dartmouth (So., WR - Mendota Heights, Minn.)
Grant Sickle, Harvard (Sr., DL - Jupiter, Fla.)
Adewole Oyalowo, Brown (Jr., LB - Bowie, Md.)
Mike Waller, Columbia (Sr., LB - Wayne, N.J.)
Brett Buehler, Cornell (Jr., LB - Dublin, Ohio)
Bobby Schneider, Harvard (Sr., LB - Grapevine, Texas)
Tim Kingsbury, Princeton (Sr., LB - Palos Park, Ill.)
D.J. Monroe, Harvard (Jr., DB - Columbia, S.C.)
Phillip Bhaya, Princeton (Jr., DB - Haddonfield, N.J.)
Collin Bibb, Yale (Sr., DB - San Antonio, Texas)
Connor Loftus, Penn (So., PK - Villa Park, Calif.)

There's a lot to go at here, but here are my first few thoughts:

-Columbia had the FEWEST players honored with just four in total.

-The list, (compiled by the coaches), shows just how much disdain the coaches had for the 2012 Lions, Yale finished dead last in the league and had six players honored, (Tyler Varga made the team as a RB and a special teams specialist). 

-Mike Waller only getting Honorable Mention status feels like an insult.

-Connor Nelligan easily deserved at least and Honorable Mention and it hurts to see him snubbed too.

-I would have liked to see Paul Delaney honored in some capacity as he is easily the toughest punter in the Ivies. 

-On the positive side, it was good that Marcorus Garrett and Josh Martin were recognized for 1st Team All Ivy. Garrett is one of just three non-seniors on the offensive 1st Team. 

-Proper respect for our individual players won't come until the Lions win more games. 


oldlion said...

Jake, the fact of the matter is that the Harvard blow out cost us here, because the coaches are the only ones who vote, and if you were Tim M would you have voted for any Columbia player? So,we start with the simple mathematical fact that we are never going to get Murphy to vote for any of our guys. I would rather look at the right side, with Marcorus Garrett making first team RB despite the fact that we had the worst OL in the league. I think that Connors was the best rookie in the league and that he was the best receiver in the league from the time he started to see the field, and that he should have made first team, since he was head and shoulders better than the Cornell receiver who made first team. I also thought Carter deserved recognition at strong safety, and that Brackett should have gotten HM inflight of his overall production despite our miserable pass protection. PS, after Saturday, my guess is that former good guy Phil Estes did not vote for any of our guys either.

oldlion said...

PS, pardon the typos.

Anonymous said...

How does Dan Davis of Penn with only 58 tackles make 1st team defense.

Anonymous said...

Jake: agree with the assessments on our players. We need to win games to end this abuse, its that simple. Big fan of our punter, but his name is PAUL Delaney. You are correct in that he is one tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Punter is determined entirely on statistics.

Anonymous said...

Huge 75-57 win for Columbia Men's Basketball over Villanova tonight. Great all-around effort by our Lions. Congratulations to the Lions!!!!

oldlion said...

Huge game from Rosenberg, Mullins.

jock/doc said...

Jake, you are right again.
Just WIN ,baby WIN!!
I predict 6 wins for the 2013 Lions.

Anonymous said...

What do u have to do to make 1st team linebacker. Zachary Olinger defensive player of week. And what seven times on the ivy league defensive list. What is that maybe approx 2 times not on lst. The person below him on tackles making fist team. Don't get it.