Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perfect 10

Sean Brackett: 11/13/10

The newer version of the highlights from the Cornell game are now live on the Columbia athletics web site. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. 

And yes... they include footage of the Zach Olinger INT off a Cornell's player's butt! Those of you who did not believe will now see the truth!!

The 10 Win Club

Sean Brackett has joined the sadly non-crowded club of Columbia starting QB's with 10 wins as a starter.

I hope he makes it 11 with a win at Brown Saturday, but I'd like to say a few words about Brackett's top three games in his Columbia career. Each one would have earned him a special place in Lion Lore, but the fact that he has made so many of his 10 wins so memorable really says something special.

3) Nov. 21, 2009: Columbia 28 Brown 14

This was Brackett's first real win because the victory the week before at Cornell was really won by M.A. Olawale '10 in relief. Brackett had his best rushing day of his career, with 171 yards on 20 carries. He only had 10 completions, but they were all effective especially a beautiful 37-yard slant pass to Austin Knowlin '10 for a TD to ice the game. 

2) Oct. 2, 2010: Columbia 42 Princeton 14

This was Brackett's best day as a passer by far. He went 18 of 24 for 273 and a team record-tying five TD passes to four different receivers. He did not throw an interception. It was this game that more than any other clinched him his status as a 1st Team All Ivy honoree at season's end.

1) Nov. 13, 2010: Columbia 20 Cornell 17

This was the game where Brackett's heart was on display, and what it showed was darn impressive. Playing with a very painful shoulder injury and an injured leg, Brackett dragged the Lions back from a 17-3 4th quarter deficit with his feet and his arm... even though both were hurting. On the final three scoring drives of the game, Brackett made spectacular run after spectacular run and key pass after pass. He won the game, appropriately, with a leap into the end zone with 37 seconds left. He finished the game with 204 yards passing and 151 yards rushing. 

Let's hope next week, we'll have to add another game to this top three!


oldlion said...

Jake, what will it take to beat Brown? If we play on Saturday the way we played the second half last Saturday, I really think we can do it.

Anonymous said...

Lions and Bears..Oh My - Week 10 Preview - Columbia From The Brown Blogger http://brownbearblogger.blogspot.com/

We aren't in Kansas, or New York, thank goodness. Brown has struggled in their final contest vs. the Lions, especially on the road. Since 2006, Brown is 3-3 against Columbia, including last year giving the Lions their only win of the season.

Marcorous Garrett is a running threat, now taking over the league lead. Brown, which had been stalwart all year against the run, has now allowed back to back 100+yd. rushers. Fortunately, they have come in winning efforts against Yale and Dartmouth. Sean Brackett is both a running and throwing threat but is erratic.

Josh Martin, on the defensive side, is an NFL caliber defensive lineman who is a major pass rusher. He is hoined by linebackers Mike Waller and Ivy tackles leader Zach Olinger. Olinger also has 3 INTs. They are adept at creating turnovers on defense (Martin and LBs Ryan Murphy and Brian East have 2 fumble recoveries each, Waller has forced a pair of fumbles and Olinger has one forced and one recovered). The problem remains, they commit to many turnovers on offense.

If the Bears remain focused, they can close the season out on a high note as the Lions are a beatable team. Again, too many penalties and turnovers last week made the game far too exciting for far too long. Ball control and discipline make this a game a win!

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty accurate. Limit the mistakes and play good D, especially in the secondary and this should be a winnable game.