Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kyle Smith-Cavaliers Connection

A number of newspaper articles are featuring Lions hoops Head Coach Kyle Smith because he coached Matthew Dellavedova when he played at St. Mary's.

Smith got to see Dellavedova's super performance in person Tuesday night in game 3. 

You can read some of the best pieces about Smith and Dellavedova by clicking here, and also here.


RLB said...

If you had your choice, which would you rather see Ivy MBb championship or 6 FB wins?

Chen1982 said...

Ooooooo. Intriguing choice. I go for MBB Ivy so we can see our team in NCAA tourney Does that disqualify me from this blog? If you said FB Ivy Champ vs MBB Of course I go for football.

Chen1982 said...

Of course, if all 6 FB wins are against Ivy opponents, we likely also win the League. Nice toss up question

Chick said...

I say let's go for excellence in every sport, including fb and bb. But assuming you are referring to coming season, it's easy--Ivy bb title. I don,t think it's possible to tin the fb title this year, so six wins versus four or five or three is unimportant compared to the basketball championship. I' m beyond passionate for a football title, but that has to be a few years away. BB might have a reasonable chance in the next couple of years.