Friday, June 5, 2015

Pump it Up!

We've heard rumors, we've heard requests, but people close to the new turf installation at Kraft Field say that special anchors for a winter/bad weather practice bubble are now in place!

This is a big deal. To my knowledge, the only other Ivy teams with a practice bubble at the home field site are Harvard and Penn, (Penn's bubble does not cover Franklin Field, but another field). Even if another Ivy does have one, Columbia is finally among the early adopters of a definite facilities advantage.

I'm not sure if the installation of these anchors means the practice bubble will be ready this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is and I also wouldn't be surprised if Head Coach Al Bagnoli is insisting on it.

The practice bubble will be most helpful in recruiting, especially kids from colder weather areas who have endured rough outdoor practices in high school.

This 2010, post-win over Cornell shot will always be my favorite picture of Alex Gross

BGA's Bruce Wood spotted this story about how former Lion great Alex Gross '11 is on the roster for Team USA in the upcoming IFAF World Championship. Gross, a Dayton-area native, must be very happy the tournament is being held in his home state town of Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Those of you who are relatively new to this blog can read about some of Alex's great success as a player, student, and leader here.

What was interesting about the Wall Street Journal article about Alex that I linked to above is that it hit the newsstands on the same day that he had a pick 6 in Columbia's 42-28 win over Lafayette at home.

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