Monday, May 15, 2017

Broderick Wants the Ball!

Broderick Taylor

I missed this little nugget from a few months ago, but one of the most highly-regarded incoming freshmen for the Lions is not shy about his intentions this fall.

RB Broderick Taylor, who had offers from programs like Old Dominion, UMass, and UTSA, says he expects to start for the Lions and get 15-20 carries per game.

Check out the video here. 

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florida lion said...

Thanks for the updates. Broderick Taylor sounded confident, as someone who's averaged 9.1 yards a carry should. Hope we get a decent % of that. I'm anxious to see the final recruiting class, hopefully there will be one or two more surprises to the positive side, like Oraedu, and none to the negative. Finally, I'm curious about the backup QB situation. Even if Hill stays healthy this season, we need someone heading into 2018