Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Class of 2021 (part 3)

Seth DeVary is an offensive lineman and I think offensive linemen are the hardest types of players for non-coaches to assess and pretty hard for coaches as well. That said, he was a player we recruited out of last summer's Columbia football camp and that at least means our staff got a better look at him than most players and still offered him quickly. That's a good sign.

Alexander Filacouris has been on my radar for awhile since he is a fellow Long Islander and the local papers and websites have followed him pretty well. The quality of Long Island high school football overall has dropped off because of the population change and the rise of lacrosse, so it's really hard to guess how Filacouris might play out. But I do think he's got the right background to do well overall at Columbia and that will help him on the field.

Graham Flinn is a really good sized DB in a league where DB's 6-feet and taller can make a real impact. He got injured senior year, but that was after he committed to the Lions. He still seems like a decent bet because he can recover and still keep that good size. Let's hope he was drinking some of the same water the last good Columbia DB from Richmond, Adam Mehrer, was drinking.

Carson Griffis is the transfer from Auburn, presumably coming in officially as a sophomore. My initial guess that he was going to be a QB for us was wrong and he is listed as a WR. The bottom line is that Griffis is just a good overall athlete and he fits the profile of a lot of slot receivers over the years in the Ivies. Getting a mere walk-on player who never actually saw the field at Auburn may not raise your pulse, but I find it hard to believe Head Coach Al Bagnoli and company would make room for a transfer who was just a marginal player.

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