Monday, June 5, 2017

The Class of 2021 (part 4)

I'll have my preseason predictions for the 2017 season in August, but just as a preamble I have to say that any publication or website that doesn't pick Princeton to win the title again has a tough argument to make. So if you see on that picks the Tigers third, you have to be really suspect.

Now to continue with an overview of the individual players on the incoming freshmen roster:

Tyson Hugee is another DB who's size, (6-ft.), seems to be a big part of his appeal. He also seems like a very good all-around athlete. It's really hard to gauge the quality of the high school football league where Hugee comes from, but otherwise he looks like he could be a good find.

Emerson Kabus is another one of those sub-six foot wide receivers that can do a lot of damage in the Ivy League. But he's looking to break in to a very deep and talented WR corps right now.

Josh Kaminski is an OL cut from the mold of the kind of O-linemen Head Coach Al Bagnoli often recruited at Penn. He's from one of the better New Jersey Catholic school programs and seems like a great fit for everyone involved.

Cameron Lipton-Martinez already has good size for a freshman TE at 6-5 and 240 pounds. This will be a big step up in the quality of competition, but he's starting from a good place and certainly won't have trouble adjusting to the New York area coming from the Manhattan suburb of Montclair.

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