Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Class of 2021 (part 6)

Ogonna Oraedu was a late addition to the class and another DE who could make a big impact when he gets a little bigger. His background identifies him as a good bet to succeed on campus, and that always helps. Apparently switched his commitment from Yale to come to CU.

Carson Powell may be the top linebacker in this class. If he's a legit 6-feet, then he truly has the right frame to fill the slot left by Christian Conway who was something of a hybrid LB/DB for the Lions the last two years. But based on what we saw from the coaches last year, even the best linebacking prospects take more baking time before getting major playing time in this system.

Bailey Rotsky is another 6-foot DB, and we've established that our coaches like 6-foot DB's. He's the son of a successful HS football head coach, and coaches' kids can be interesting prospects. And I like him because I used to live in his home neighborhood of Mayfield Heights, OH.

Jon Rowe is a good bet at OL coming from a linemen factory in Charlotte. If he were an inch or two taller, Columbia and the other Ivies probably wouldn't have had a shot at him. Coaches must love his ability to play guard or tackle.

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