Monday, June 12, 2017

The Class of 2021 (part 7)

Drew Schmid is just what the doctor ordered with the graduations of excellent traditional punter Cameron Nizialek and excellent rugby-style punter Matthew Panton. Schmid is quite simply one of the most well-regarded punters coming out of high school this year. 

Broderick Taylor is an exciting RB recruit who even some hardened Columbia fans are excited about. His highlight tape really stands out as he just seems to keep plugging and he has great speed. Definitely a player a lot of people will be watching in camp to see how close he is to being able to make an immediate impact.

Hank White has a chance to join a decent line of Georgia natives who have become stalwarts on the CU offensive line. His list of other offers bodes well for his potential. 

Ashton Wilson is another 230-pound DE who seems to be fitting a mold the coaches were looking for at that position. Don't be surprised if some of them become linebackers, but has a great shot at getting on the field early on special teams.

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