Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

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                                            Karl Dorrell

Reset at Yale?

Former UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell is university-interested-in-dolphins-assistant-dorrell-reportedly a new candidate for the job at Yale.

Dorrell was considered too aloof in his years at UCLA, and he never had success against USC with the exception of the 2006 squeaker win against the Trojans.

Dorrell seems like Yale's version of Columbia's last minute flirtation with K-State's former Head Coach Karl Prince... a former D-I head coach who ended his head coaching career with a whimper.

It could be that Yale's other top choices, Georgetown Head Coach Kevin Kelly and UConn DC Don Brown, have turned the Elis down and the whole search has had to go through a reset.

This is already a big story brewing here: time is of the essence. Yale really needed to get its new coach in place by the middle of this coming week. The recruiting battles the Elis are already losing are beginning to hurt.

And while getting a former Pac-10 head coach to take the top spot at an Ivy would be unprecedented, the news is not going over well with the Yale faithful so far.

                                           Jeff Adams, #76

Big Honor for Adams

Columbia's best shot to get a player drafted in years, graduation LT Jeff Adams, will get a big chance to show off his talents at the East-West Shrine Game on Jan. 21 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The game will be shown live on the NFL Network at 4pm Eastern.

Since Jeff missed the last few games of 2011 with an injury, this will be a crucial test for him and I'm sure we all wish him luck!


RedTiger61 said...

I know thing in college football go in trends .... the Veer offense was big when I played, the Power-I was popoularized by USC for years, the pro set was popular for some period .... now, the spread option is the flavor of the month for most college teams .... another current trend which has hit college teams this year, college coaches with pro experience .... Columbia, Penn State, and now possibly Yale .... interesting ...

Everyone I've talked to about this coaching staff is impressed .... Spring football will be time to install the "Mangurian system", and the Fall will be their time to shine ... I can't wait to see what they can do in the Fall ...

WOF said...

Don Brown gets Yale job, pretty impressive resume

RedTiger61 said...

Any idea what the recruiting areas for each of the coaches ???