Thursday, January 3, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Cornell Goes Young, REAL Young!

David Archer

28-year-old 30-year-old David Archer has been named the new Head Football Coach at Cornell.

Archer was the captain of the Big Red football team in the 2004 season and has been an assistant coach on East Hill for six seasons.

As someone who has often advocated for hiring older coaches in the Ivies and in the pros, I am a bit stunned by this choice.

It could be that the program feels so burned by the experienced Kent Austin leaving them after just three seasons that the administration decided to go with someone not likely to be poached unless he achieves tremendous success in a short time.

It could be that star QB Jeff Mathews advocated strongly for Archer and the immediate thinking was go with who the star wants.

Whatever the reason, this feels like a very risky choice.

Archer has never even been a coordinator at any level. And for those who are impressed with his recruiting efforts, (he's been recruiting coordinator since 2009), I have to emphasize that his youth is clearly something that sells to many of the high school kids he can relate to... but beyond that I'm not sure he's a regular rainmaker for the Big Red.

It's just hard to take this choice seriously right now.

Perhaps I will feel differently later.

I've been wrong before.


Anonymous said...

Hey is 30 years old FYI.

jock/doc said...

Has anybody noticed the Ivy League sports site whereCU is tied with "H" for the best record, and yet gets almost NO ink for a week in which they are on a two (now 3) game run. We bitch about the NYT!!

Anonymous said...

Jake, I realize you posted the schedule for the 2013/14 season week by week for the teams. Could you post the exact dates for those games?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Adams, who closed out the season with the Miami Dolphins practice squad, has just inked a two-year deal with the Dolphins. Good luck to Jeff from his friends and fans in the Columbia Football Family!

Here's the Dophins' announcement: