Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yale keeps up with the Lionses

Logan Scott may never start against Columbia after all

It looks like Columbia won't be the only Ivy team with a transfer QB from a big-time FBS program this fall.

Morgan Roberts of Clemson is transferring and should be accepted to Yale in the coming weeks.

As someone who openly wrote last month about how I'd like to see more FBS transfers coming to the Ivies, I guess I'm getting what I wished for.

Although for the record, I think our incoming transfer Brett Nottingham is a cut above Roberts... but let the competition begin!

Of course we have been in a pissing contest with especially Yale ever since Tony Reno became the Eli head coach a few weeks after Pete Mangurian took over the Lions in late 2011.

First the Elis grabbed away our QB commit Logan Scott, and then we beat them out for RB Mike Gerst from Bergen Catholic. 

But the big win for us was getting WR Isaiah Gross away from Reno despite his earlier commitment to Yale.

And the biggest win was on the field, when the Lions beat Yale 26-22 at Wien Stadium on October 27, 2012.


Anonymous said...

Just noticed this announcement on gocolumbialions.com:

"Beginning January 2013, there will be an update on Columbia Football on gocolumbialions.com released every Tuesday evening. The features will include updates on the team's off-season workouts, dates to remember and other team information that will keep you in the know about the Columbia Football program."

Sounds good to me.

oldlion said...

Speaking of hard feelings with other programs, what was the argument with the Brown coaches after the game all about?