Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Possibles

Jordan Fuchs

Here are 15 more names on our radar:

Joseph Markus, a 6-2 282 lbs. OL from Manhattan Beach, CA

Michael Minter, a 6-3 291 lbs. DT from Severna Park, MD

Caleb Johnson, a 6-4 215 lbs. LB from Slatington, PA

Gui Shepherd, a 5-9 165 lbs. CB from Austell, GA

Garrett Strohmaier, a 6-4 290 lbs. OL from Carmichael, CA

Nathan Obinwa, a 6-3 220 lbs. DE from Orlando, FL

Cristian Morris, a 6-0 185 lbs. "Athelete" from Sherwood, OR

Jordan Fuchs, a 6-6 220 lbs. WR from Middle Village, NY (Queens)

Bennet Habliston, a 5-11 177 lbs. K from Alexandria, VA

Tyrin Spencer, a 6-2 205 lbs. LB from Ocean Springs, MS

Ian Gory, a 6-3 190 lbs. QB from Dover, DE

Nick Firestone, a 5-10 175 lbs, CB from Pierce Community College, (would be a transfer from D-II and have to sit out a year)

Will Lucas, a 6-1 190 lbs. RB from Tampa, FL

John Hunton, a 6-5 235 lbs. TE from Fort Smith, AR

Walter Phillips, a 6-0 205 lbs. LB from Holland, OH 


Anonymous said...

Will Lucas has comitted to Colgate.

Jake, we need more running back recruits, please make them up if you can't find them ;)

oldlion said...

Coach has tweeted that we is being posted here is way off base and largely inaccurate. Apparently he ascribes to my credo that loose lips sink ships.

oldlion said...

Excuse the iPad typo. "we" should read "what".

Anonymous said...

Jake is just publishing assorted names from an outdated Rivals list of players who claim either to have received an offer from Columbia, or may have just expressed interest at one time in Columbia. It is not particularly helpful or interesting for Jake to publish these names, but the oldlion can be assured that the names that Jake is listing are already easily available elsewhere by simply clicking on the "Columbia" button on the Rivals website. There are a few more useful tools that can be used to play the recruiting guessing game. For example, you can use one well-known website to see who is visiting any college, including Columbia on any particular weekend. Right now that link shows two players coming in to visit Columbia, but in deference to the oldlion, I am not going to name them here. Go Lions!

Anonymous said...

Cristian Morris looks like a real good one and he wants the Lions.

Anonymous said...

Senior highlight film for OL recruit Kendall Pace Bishop McNamara HS Forestville, MD 6'5" 270lbs.

oldlion said...

In is amusing to note, however, that according to some of the gurus who post on voyforums, that Penn, Dartmouth and Yale apparently have incoming classes just a notch below SEC levels. Greatest class ever, 4.3 in the forty, immediate impact, turned down dozens of D1 offers to play in New Haven, etc.

Anonymous said...

The voy guys do that every year. It's the offseason. Hope springs eternal with these recruits.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait to see what's "real" and not real from what Coach M has to say, versus Jake's list. Note, Jake also qualifies that some recruits have multiple Ivy offers. If true, what i really like is this Fuchs kid... 6'6" and LOCAL. Could make a BIG story out of him (possiblehoops player too). We need to blow out this recruiting class with press (once finalized).

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Sadly, even Coach M. seems to be unable to read a simple disclaimer. Jake made it very clear that other than the five kids he listed every one else was just a "possible."

Nobody is careful enough to read carefully anymore.

I blame assault rifles.

oldlion said...

I get a kick out of all of the stories about potential recruits with 4.4 40 times. There are maybe a dozen guys in the NFL with legitimate 4.4 speed.

oldlion said...

Great road win for MBB against Cornell.