Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BREAKING: Bagnoli in talks with Columbia

I had heard some rumors, but apparently it's true that just-retired Penn Head Coach Al Bagnoli is in talks to take the Columbia job. 

The link to the story from the Philadelphia Inquirer is here:

And thus, my prayers that Columbia fans would have something other than me and this blog to talk about have been answered in just a matter of hours. 


Anonymous said...

Now that would be something. I don't see it. I just can't imagine Bags would do that but at least he has the accent going for him as far as fit.

WOF said...

How do you guys thinks Bags would feel about Jake and his blog? Ha Ha!

Big Dawg said...

Luckman and Barrabas are coming back as well.

Chick said...

For many years Bagnoli has convinced me, in person
sadly, at Baker Field that he's a fine coach. Age 62 is nothing. He could coach a long time, and also groom a successor.
I think he wants a new challenge after 23 seasons at Penn. If this comes true, he'll have that challenge and is the best person for it.
If this is Pilling's doing, then we have a fine new AD as well.

WOF said...

I don't think he got along with Penn's new AD