Friday, February 27, 2015

Making Room

We still don't have any official news on Al Bagnoli's incoming staff of assistants, but if you head on over to the "coaches" page on the football website, you'll see just about the entire staff has been wiped clean.

But I feel fairly confident continuing to quote the reports that former longtime Penn Offensive Coordinator and O-line coach Jon McClaughlin will be joining the staff here at Columbia along with former Penn star center Joe D'Orazio. 

Of course the speculation is still running wild about Rick Flanders, who recently resigned at Yale and many expect to come here. Same goes for  Union Head Coach John Audino who worked with Bagnoli at Union, was a Lions assistant  for four years and was reportedly a key player in connecting Bagnoli with the administration and helping a deal get done.

I'll keep my eyes open for any news as I'm sure many of you will as well.


oldlion said...

Did Bags get the waiver to keep on recruiting past the cut off date? We still have slots to fill? PS sounds like Bags is bringing in a lof of his trusted protégés as assistants. Feels like the last roundup. He is going to make football fun again.

#1 Lion said...

Just an FYI to all of the administrators, alums, Hot Dog Committee members, and ex-coaches out there who vilified Jake over the past few years, just look how positive he is now and how the rest of the Blog is reacting toward this program.

Remember, without Jake, we would STILL have Mangurrian!

Thanks Jake!!!

Coach said...

What happened at the Ivy Football meeting last week? Did we get any waivers?
I still am wondering about the Taylor report.
Why hasn't been made public?
New coach- more secrecy.