Monday, April 6, 2015

Giving Thanks and Giving Thanks

The Easter meals represented freedom from the old Jenny Craig regime

On Friday, this blog exceeded the 1 million page views mark. That's not bad at all in just three years for a site that focuses exclusively on just one Ivy League football team. Remember, that 1 million views stat does not include the 7 years this blog was on another site.

I want to thank everyone who continues to come to this blog. Repeat "customers" are really the only way to judge how well website is doing, and this blog has grown in readership every year without fail.

Speaking of thankful, I'm sure the players are thankful for the many opportunities they had to chow down on home cooked meals this past weekend.

Offensive Line Coach Jon McClaughlin cooked an Easter meal for the O-line himself, in what was a really nice gesture when you consider how these guys had been pushed to lose weight by the previous regime.

Based on McClaughlin's Twitter feed, (@coachjonmc), he is a man who is a true connoisseur of good food. Someone might want to make sure he finds out about Fairway and its generous sponsorship of Columbia athletics. Maybe they can work out a deal!

But don't bother to check the football roster page just yet, as the player weights and positions have not yet been changed.

In the past, we've been focused on weight first and foremost. But this year I think there's a chance we see more than just a few position changes. We already know about LB Tyler Kwiatkowski moving to FB, but there will be more.

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