Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Right Words

Just listen to this great interview on the local ESPN radio affiliate with incoming freshmen Tre Gabriel and his high school coach:

It's all interesting, but the last words from the coach at the end of the interview really were worth waiting for. 


DOC said...

Yes, and Tre himself (who really sounds mature beyond his years) puts Ivy League Sports in the proper perspective. Much success to this young man who got it right!

Columbia_Fan said...

Sounds like a great find. I hope to see him get plenty of playing time.
Also hope to see a lot more of A. Hill,
and Holme. Seems like the move of a LB to offense, indicates that we may have a fullback type blocking back, which we needed badly last year to protect Molina, and our pocket QB. 3 wins for sure in 2015.