Thursday, May 28, 2015

Documented Hope

Incoming DB, (but WAIT, he might be a WR), John Riley McLaughlin is featured in his hometown paper along with the great pic below.

Like I wrote in a comment yesterday, we will hear about more position changes for the incoming freshmen in the coming weeks.

Lucas Faria

Another great article about an incoming Lion is this one about Lucas Faria, who could really be a game-changing RB for the Lions.

Faria is now starring for his HS lacrosse team, but he also spent much of his senior year coaching his 7th grader brother's basketball team.


oldlion said...

Jake, every time I see another picture of a smiling Al Bagnoli in Columbia garb it warms the innermost corners of my heart. I still can't believe how well this worked out, and what a great job people like you and Big Dawg did, along with the CAEC, in finally making this happen.

Unknown said...

What a great picture of Coach with this future Lion. Awesome!
This is going to be great!
"The worm has turned"
I am sending in a $ check today

alawicius said...

I hope our new uniform resembles Lucas Faria's Sparta high school uniform with its Columbia blue helmet, dark blue shirt with Columbia blue shoulder bands, and Columbia blue pants (home team outfit). That dark blue jersey makes a heck of a difference (white for away games).

Chen1982 said...

The view from Hong Kong is poz.....I am booking my flight for homecoming game.

Chen1982 said...

I have already booked my travel tickets from Hong Kong for Homecoming. That game should be a big crowd, especially if we show some fight in the team in the games leading up to this

oldlion said...

Mystery tweet from one of the assistant coaches that we just got a lot better today. Late breaking news on a new recruit or transfer?

Jake said...

Which coach? I don't see anything new like that

Jake said...

I see the Tweet now. It's from the Columbia strength team Twitter account. I think it may have something to do with staff or weight room facilities, etc.