Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Take on the New Cantabs

For some reason, Harvard’s incoming freshmen class seems a bit underwhelming at first glance. One reason could be that the official announcement may not actually doesn’t include all the committed recruits, like Elgin Davis who made big news in Florida last month when he chose Harvard over a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech. But I’m not even sure Davis is one of the better newcomers for the Crimson.

But a little deeper digging shows that Harvard and Tim Murphy are bringing in yet another bumper crop of great players.  Here are some who stand out to me right now:

Harvard has been a real QB factory for more than 15 years now and that’s why I like QB Tom Stewart from Dallas, TX. He’s an all-state player with a good arm and a lot of mobility and speed. And the other QB in the class, 6-6 Cam Tripp from North Carolina isn’t as fast as Stewart but he’s equally mobile. It’s a really good bet that one of these two guys will be 1st Team All Ivy someday.

RB Charlie Booker from Cypress Ranch HS in Texas looks like he has better speed than most Ivy recruits and he’s coming from a high-level high school conference. WR/RB Christian Houston has some similar qualities and I can see him being a demon coming out of the backfield on screen passes. WR Alex LaPolice has a name you can’t forget and he could get his name in a lot of scoring summaries before he’s through. He’s an all state player from Connecticut.

OL Matt Jones hails from the same serious football high school in Georgia that brought RB Marcorus Garrett to the Lions.

Dan Werner is listed as a TE, but this kid with a lot of talent and football pedigree could be the next great Crimson H-back.

I could mention a few more names but seven players seems about enough for any team, even a perennial champ like Harvard.  


oldlion said...

Jake, this comment has nothing to do with the Harvard class. I wanted to vent a little about the Emma Sulkowicz class day fiasco, in which she was permitted to drag her mattress onto the Class day ceremony, thus effectively ruining the experience for the vast majority of the class and their families with her spectacle. How this administration permits this sort of breach of decorum is beyond me. So how does this relate to football? It hurts recruiting, if the first impression of parents of recruits is that the inmates are running the asylum.

Jake said...

Sulkowicz's mental illness has been enabled and worsened by her "friends" and opportunistic politicians for long enough. And the whole affair has been a source of anger for me and a lot of other alums. But I hope that her few minutes of distraction yesterday at Class Day did not ruin the event in a serious way.

RLB said...

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFdUDzBUMAE3ySv.jpg pictures of note

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Ms. Sutkowicz has become tiresome, boring and has outlived her polemical usefulness even to the most fanatical and/or convinced. . She's simply got to find something else to do, and to leave the bedding at home whatever job she takes. And she'd get at best from me a D+ for her "art project."

Lions baseball is of much greater social import right now.

RLB said...

Lin in the NCAA singles final 8 is even of more import today.