Thursday, May 14, 2015

Worth Waiting For

The sun is rising over L.A. and for Columbia Football

Usually at this time of year, we're all clamoring for the official release of the incoming freshmen/new comer football class and the post-spring practice updating of the roster.

But as recent news has shown us, enough things are still possibly in motion that we shouldn't rush things before we get a clearer picture of what the 2015 team will actually look like.

For one thing, QB Skyler Mornhinweg may not be the only transfer. Second, there still could be some discussion about the coaches on where to position all the players on the roster right now.

And finally, this new staff has been so upfront and so welcoming so far, that they've already deserved a healthy bit of slack.

Speaking of being welcoming, everyone who was at the Columbia football event in Los Angeles last night tells me that the turnout and enthusiasm was very strong for Athletic Director Peter Pilling and Head Coach Al Bagnoli at the welcome event hosted by Marcellus Wiley '97.

Where Does Skyler Fit?

Some initial thoughts on the Mornhinweg transfer..

Anyone who has watched Penn football closely over the last 5-6 years can attest to the huge impact former QB Billy Ragone had on the program.

And one would have to be blind not to notice that Mornhinweg has many of the same physical attributes and QB skills as Ragone.

The very big question is whether Mornhinweg has Ragone's competitive heart. Because if he comes very close, this coaching staff will know how to turn that into wins.

The Other Guys

Meanwhile, the other Ivy schools are all starting to officially list their incoming freshmen players. In the coming weeks, I'll take a look at a few players on each list that stand out to me.

I'll start with Princeton:

I think the Tigers have picked up two potential dominant players and two other potential All-Ivy caliber guys.

The first stand out is the QB Keaton Dunsford from Cardinal Newman HS in California's wine country. Dunsford is further seasoned by a PG year at Exeter.

The other new Tiger to jump out at me is WR Jesper Horstead from Minnesota. This 6-4, 200-pound young man is also going to play baseball for Princeton if all goes as planned.

Two other playes to watch are both linebackers, Edward Rudinski from Oaks Christian School in Thousand Oaks, CA and Jackson Simcox from Westfield, NJ.

A dark horse is DL Jake Strain from Philly's St. Joseph's prep. If this were another year from now, Strain may have chosen Columbia as our coaches are making great inroads at St. Joe's.



Coach said...

Do these players that transfer get a degree from Columbia after attending school for only one year? All their credits get transferred from Florida?

RLB said...

anyone know about a transfer from "SD," U or city?

Anonymous said...

That is a postcard view of the LA skyline or the photo was snapped at the exact instant a MASSIVE wind blew out the blanket of smog making the horizon invisible.

RLB said...

Columbia Football (@ColumbiaLionsFB) tweeted at 9:29 AM on Sun, May 17, 2015:
@Columbia YOU will learn in a small class size environment with a 6:1 student to faculty ratio! #EliteAcademics #RoarLionRoar

Balderdash! Misleading at best, by someone who's been fed PR trash that doesn't serve anyone's interests.

Let's hope the HC and/or AD stops this sort of thing.

Jake said...

The Tweet was referring to core curriculum classes where I believe that stat is correct.

oldlion said...

Not sure about the source of RLB's apparent anger, but the lit hum and CC classes remain unique in the IL for their small case size and open discussion format. One thing that I know from having a child who graduated from The College is that we do provide a truly excellent undergraduate education.

Jake said...

Yes, despite Columbia's larger undergrad numbers since my ear of the late 80's-90's, I still find only Dartmouth rivals CU when it comes to class sizes and access to professors. Most of my classes at Columbia had fewer than 20 students and other than maybe 5-6 classes, they were all taught by full professors. And I didn't have to get into any classes off of any waiting list either. The requirements of the Core Curriculum really keep this intimacy sacred. Can anyone from Engineering tell us about how their class sizes and access compared to the College?

oldlion said...

My nephew told me that as a Harvard undergrad there were 1,300 in the basic eco class that he took.

RLB said...

Jake: how do you know the tweet refers to the Core only?

The alleged ratio falls apart for History, poli sci, eco, beginning chem & Physics, et al, unless there are many others with 1 student per.

My "anger" is because somehow FB is putting out statements, wherever they originated, that students find are untrue. No need to do that with the new regime.

Jake said...

I FOUND IT! The 6:1 ratio stat comes from none other than the US News & World Report college rankings issue. Love them or hate them, this is not a case of the coaches or the athletic dept. fudging numbers.

Coach said...

Jake: it is my understanding that these football transfers will be able to get a Columbia degree while attending only one year of classes. Can you confirm?

Jake said...

I can't confirm because I really don't know the official academic stats of all the reported transfers. Maybe we'll know more when the official incoming player announcement goes out.

oldlion said...

RLB, can we assume you are not a Columbia fan based upon the nature of your

Jake said...

I'm pretty sure RLB is indeed a Columbia fan, but he was simply not aware of the metrics everyone is now using to figure out student-faculty ratios. This is all being done by the schools to game the system set up for the US News rankings. Since it's being done by all the schools, it is perfectly right for the coaches to tout Columbia's relative position as compared to other schools. I don't love that everyone is gaming a crazy ranking system, but the stats are accurate as they are measured, and again, Columbia comes out favorably in them so why not tout it?

RLB said...

so the ratio is dubious, as Columbia games the system; FB shouldn't use that dubious "fact." Newbies will see right away it's hype.

oldlion:I received an AB from the College in 1957; wrote for Spec sports during my 4 years.

RLB said...

RLB said...

Record Number of Columbia Teams Earn NCAA Public Recognition Awards

By: Columbia University Athletics
Release: 05/21/2015

After an outstanding year athletically, Columbia varsity sports programs garnered national recognition for academic performance.

Columbia had 14 teams earn NCAA Public Recognition Awards for posting Academic Progress Rates (APR) in the top 10 percent of their sport, as announced by the NCAA on Wednesday, May 20. Fourteen teams represents the most Columbia programs to earn Public Recognition Awards since its inception.

After all, It's not a FB factory but an educational institution!