Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's Signing Day

The Ivy League does not make its incoming athletes sign letters of intent. But many high schools like to take advantage of National Signing Day to get positive publicity for their outstanding athletes and students and the schools themselves.

So there will be a number of stories and pictures out today of incoming Columbia football commits "signing" things.

Parker Coogan

Van Neils (right) from Mankato West HS in Minnesota "signs"

Max Mulaney "Signs" 

Ben Hill

Ian Vandenberg

Matt Dame 

Interesting quote from Dame on local ESPN radio today: "Football ends at some point and I wanted to get a degree."

Ben McKeighan (front left)

Josh Wainwright

Also, I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the commits have a big picture of Head Coach Al Bagnoli decked out like a rapper with the caption: "In Swagnoli We Trust."


Van Neils said...

Just an FYI, I go to Mankato WEST high school
-Van Neils

Jake said...

FIXED! Thanks!

DOC said...

Van Neils, What a proud moment for you and your family. Congratulations and best wishes for an outstanding athletic and academic experience !

jordanray said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I cant wait to see these guys on the field!
Second best class in the IVY League and I would even argue that because Yale has players in their prep school from last year listed..
CU also has more 3 star athletes!!