Thursday, February 4, 2016

War is Coming... and We Should Win

One of the reasons why Princeton doesn't win in football more consistently is its 25-year-old ban on transfers.

The above sentence is one I believe strongly, but is still the topic of great debate among Ivy fans.

Princeton is about to end the argument by reversing that ban. 

The rest of the Ivies need to prepare. I suspect the result will be a much more serious and involved 8-school transfer war.

That's a war that a school perched in NYC has a great chance to win with the access to the jobs upperclassmen transfers are much more concerned about getting. By that I mean, most athletes who transfer to Ivies come from bigger athletic programs where academics and future non-sports careers take a back seat. When you switch to an Ivy, it's most likely because you've started to realize the next 40 years of your life are a lot more important than the next four.

Columbia can and should win the transfer wars about to erupt in the Ancient Eight.

Man your battle stations.


oldlion said...

Didn't Princeton take a transfer a few years ago, from Purdue, but dress it up to make it look like he was repeating his freshman year?

Coach said...

Game changer for the league and Princeton

Roar Lion said...

Semester has started. Do we have any news on transfers?