Monday, February 29, 2016

Offers, Offers Everywhere!

February has been a furiously busy month for Columbia’s coaching staff as they have been handing out offers to class of 2017 high school players.

Here are some of the more interesting offers, based on my opinions alone, (and I'll profile more in the coming weeks):

Bailey is a up-and-coming big offensive tackle, and when O-linemen get early offers like this you know they're going to be highly sought-after for the better part of a year. Indiana is also becoming a magnet for Columbia offers lately. (Also see Ben Stewart and Sam Helm). The state is recruited by O-line coach Jon McLaughlin.

You often hear defensive backs described as "ball hawks," but this guy really takes the cake. If you throw a pass in vicinity of Mr. Harris, maybe you ought to think again.

Caine is a hard hitting and fast DB who makes a big point of saying the first school to offer him a slot will get an "immediate sense of loyalty" from him. And Columbia gave him his first offer. Another find for Coach McLaughlin.

You have to mention a 1st team all state DB from one of the greatest high school football programs of all time. 

I have soft spot in my heart for Mt. Lebanon HS, a school that's sent us some of our hardest working athletes over the years. It's also the school where an admired fraternity brother of mine attended and he's probably a few years away from becoming the CEO of the largest pharma company in the world. And the first news anchor I ever worked with and truly admired in the process was also a "Mt. Lebo" grad. Getting back to Young, he's also received early offers from Dartmouth and Cornell, so there's something to this kid.

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oldlion said...

Jake, isn't a good turnout at the summer camp the key in locking up great recruits?