Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Day, New Jerseys

The Columbia Football Twitter feed announced yesterday that the latest winners of the Black Jerseys from Sunday's practice were senior FB Jackson Conway on offense and senior LB Keith Brady on defense.

Conway received fewer accolades than his twin brother Christian last year, but he was a huge help as a blocker in the running game and in pass protection. I don't think his role will change to more of a ball carrier or pass receiver in 2016, but he's an essential cog for the offense. Having him back there really is like having another wing of the offensive line.

Brady had one of the most significant step up seasons for the Lions last year, stepping in for the injured starter Hagen Patterson and finishing the season as the team's leading tackler. With Patterson back from injury AND all the 2015 starting linebackers returning, the second two line of the Columbia defense are looking about as elite as we've seen them in 20 years. So, it's good to see Brady not resting on his laurels and tearing it up in practice.

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Jeffrey Tofano said...

no kevin brady on squad. But Keith Brady is very good!