Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Game Notes

It still seems a bit wrong to get back to day-to-day matters so soon after Bill Campbell’s passing.

But the team lives on, and the program will live on thanks mostly to the efforts and generosity Campbell exhibited over the last 30 years.

 Now to the “Spring Game…”

I put that in quotes because as we were told a few days before, the “game” was really just a practice with some scrimmaging.

The best part of it all was the very large attendance. This was definitely the best-attended spring practice wrap up I’ve ever seen. About 25 incoming freshmen and their families were there. Also, some 2017 and even some 2018 potential recruits attended.

The big BBQ afterwards was fantastic. There was very good food and plenty of chances to mingle from picnic table to picnic table to talk to the coaches, players, etc.

But as for on the field results, here’s a quick summary of how I and some of my fellow fans saw the action:

-QB Anders Hill is a lot more accurate with his throws. He was spotty at that last year, especially in the Cornell game.

-We saw a lot more deep throws than we saw maybe all of last year. This needs to be at least a part of our offensive attack.

-The receivers look better, but still have some trouble getting catchable balls.

-Three players we didn’t see too much of last year who stood out were DE Connor Heeb, DB Ryan Gilbert, and WR Tre Gabriel.  Heeb is a rising junior while Gilbert and Gabriel are rising sophs.

Heeb did a great job rushing the passer time after time. It’s not clear how he does against the run.

Gilbert was showing the most enthusiasm on the field and was in on a lot of stops and good plays.

Gabriel bulked up but kept his speed and it sure looks like he will play a role in the offense this year. He scampered in with a reception for a TD.

-PK Cameron Nizialek looked a lot better. Incoming kicker Oren Millstein, who had a big offer from Georgia, may already be pushing him.  

-Alan Watson played well and had one good long run for a TD. He got shaken up on one play, but walked off the field and came back a little later.

-Lord Hyeamang looked generally good at DT.

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