Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Start?

Bruce Wood's Big Green Alert blog has the info on each Ivy team's out of conference football schedule for 2017.

Columbia's schedule, compared to what I was expecting, looks easier.

Sept. 16th: Wagner
Sept. 23rd: Georgetown
October 7th: at Marist

I was expecting the season to start on the road against a tough Saint Francis team, but that series seems to be on hold for now. Wagner is not a bad football program, but Columbia has really had the Seahawks' number two years in a row now.

Of course having written that, now I expect all these opponents to get some major upgrade over the off season and become world beaters. But on January 25th, this looks like a OOC schedule that can lead to multiple wins.


DOC said...

The other good thing is that Marist of Poughkeepsie, NY is a mere 1.5-2 hrs from the Columbia campus and closer still from the northern 'burbs!

oldlion said...

Coach Fab has an intriguing tweet about "phenomenal news coming out of the Tar Heel State."

DOC said...

How sweep it is MBB !! 3-1 and movin' on up !!