Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Incoming LB Poll

Carson Powell

Incoming LB Carson Powell is one of the candidates in a newspaper poll looking for the fans' choice for best linebacker in Palm Beach.

Powell is currently leading the other candidates, including an Alabama commit. The paper says Powell had 96 tackles this past season, 28 of them for a loss.

Late Pick Up?

Speaking of linebackers, Columbia may have a shot at a good one from New Jersey now that UConn and its new coaching staff has pulled its scholarship offer to Raritan High School's Ryan Dickens.


oldlion said...

I think we might have recruited Powell as a strong safety.

florida lion said...

I voted for him

Chen1982 said...

At the risk of being indelicate, fuck UCONN (a good school wannabe) for renegging....really bad form. But kudos for this young man who will be WAY better off in the long run of life for going to a top 4 national university...instead of a maybe top 4 school in Connecticut ... ( Yale, trinity, Wesleyan, sacred heart.....then maybe Uconn?)

I know, I am nasty.

florida lion said...

RoarLionsRoar has a great photo of 13 of the newcomers standing in front of Alma Mater during their recent NYC trip. I didn't try to identify them, but Ben Mathesmeier from Texas is on the left. He looks just like his 247 photo.