Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pack this House!

I just bought two tickets for Saturday night's 2nd round CIT game against Eastern Michigan at Levien Gymnasium.

I'm hoping Lions fans can provide a sellout to show our support for the team and prove a point about how much a winning sports program can mean to the students and alumni.

I'm also hoping enough current students will be back from spring break and will be in the stands.

You can buy your tickets now by clicking here.


oldlion said...

Done. Any report on Rosie after the hard fall at Valpo? Any chance we will see Mullins?

Unknown said...

I hope they let the students in free as per the regular season.
At noon I jumped on my computer to order tickets for thiss game. It took the Athletics Dept. more than an additional hour to offer me a chance to "re-purchase" my usual season tickets. Which should teach them never in the future to underestimate a Lions basketball fan.
And it took the CU Alumni Association two more hours to offer me a chance to sit with them and attend a ore-game reception as well.
Congrats also to Harvard today for mauling the Bearcats!

oldlion said...

I went online and had no problem ordering my tickets. No delay and instant confirmation.

alswingman said...

Jake, see if you can get some face time with Pete. He should be at courtside since part of his mandate is to show support for all CU athletics programs. Tell him you are doing an expose and see if he is open to a culions.blogspot exlcusive.

Jake said...

I didn't see Pete anywhere. In fact, I didn't see Dianne Murphy either.

Jake said...

... but I really doubt she wasn't there. Anyone see her, though?