Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bagnoli Video, Annotated Version

Head Coach Al Bagnoli's quick interview assessing the first day of spring practice is certainly worth watching.

But you know how we fans are; we like to look at the covering video of the team practicing to pick up clues about who's playing and where.

It's not like we get any big revelations, but it's fun to single out some players by name:

-In the first bit of practice video we see rising sophomore QB Ryan Suitt completing a pass to rising junior Parker Thome, who is clearly making that move from kicker to WR. At 6-4, he might be a nice option at that position.

-In the second clip, we see O-linemen Kendall Pace, Tyler Schonewolf, and Bewley Wales doing blocking drills. Schonewolf is a rising sophomore who, based on other sources, seems to be getting a good look at center in the temporary absence of Charlie Flores.

-Next, we see RB Turner DeMuth and an unidentified player now wearing #2 doing a tackling drill.

-After that, we see QB Anders Hill handing off to RB Chris Schroer with defender Connor Heeb and that mystery #2 in view. After that we see Hill on a keeper.

-In the course of the next couple of clips we see a mystery #7.

-The last clip shows a kneeling mystery #18 who I assume is a WR based on the fact he is with a number of the other receivers.

It's not much, but with six months to go until kickoff, we grasp at these straws with regularity.

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oldlion said...

Jake, it sounds like we are very deep at QB. We will be even deeper with 3 star recruit Matt Dame. So who gets moved to TE, WR, or DB from our group of at least 6 QBs?