Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Fundamentals

We had snow yesterday in the New York area, but it had all melted by mid-afternoon. So spring practice will begin today with very normal temperatures in the high 40’s and we could hit the high 60’s tomorrow.

Weather aside, I know we’ve spent some time discussing spring practice by focusing on the names of the possible players who we hope will step up in the off season.

But maybe this spring shouldn’t be so much about identifying future stars and it should be more about shoring up the fundamentals and techniques team-wide. Some of that argument is a given, especially since I have learned Columbia will be using a difference offense this coming season and the team needs to start getting used to running it. But when you think about how fundamental breakdowns robbed the Lions of wins in their last two games of 2015, you know that Head Coach Al Bagnoli and his staff will be working just as hard on the mental parts of the team’s game as much as the physical improvement and progression.

Getting back to that new offense, there’s a disadvantage to implementing the new package this spring while starting QB Skyler Mornhinweg is injured. But I assume he’ll be in attendance and picking up on as much as he can. This will obviously be a great opportunity for rising junior #2 QB Anders Hill to get more experience.

One last point is that we’re five months away from summer training camp, and five months is like an eternity to college-aged players. We probably attach too much importance to spring practice when you consider the fact that a lot of what happens there will be modified greatly or even trashed by August. But in Columbia’s case, it feels like every chance for the players to interact and learn from Coach Bagnoli is precious. So, let the practices begin! 


LionAlum76 said...

What do you consider the biggest position battles for the spring? Besides for sorting out the defensive line it seems the rest of the starters are already in place

Jake said...

I think there's some competition on the o-line and at WR.