Friday, March 4, 2016

Scheduling Thoughts

Working in bullet point form for a Friday:

-St. Francis is indeed no pushover cupcake. They went 7-4 last season and their head coach, Chris Villarrial, was named Coach of the Year. Rising junior RB Marcus Bagley looks dangerous and this is simply a program on the rise.

-I love the idea of going to DC to see a Columbia game. The September 24th game at Georgetown, despite Georgetown's very small stadium, should be fun.

-Look for a big push to make the 10/1 home game against Princeton a mini-Homecoming of sorts. A win in that game would be a big splash for the program.

-Playing Wagner on the road is actually an important move for the program, which has long avoided playing in smaller venues in the NYC area. I think this will help recruiting, and Wagner is certainly beatable.

-Dartmouth has definitely turned the corner as a program, but the first year post Dalyn Williams may be the best chance to beat the Big Green. So perhaps 2016 will finally be the end of the Homecoming losing streak that's been active since 2001. What was the last team Columbia beat at Homecoming? You guessed it, it was Dartmouth in 2000.



oldlion said...

I do not think we should view this year"s Dartmouth game as the once in a blue moon chance to beat them. From now on we will have a real shot at winning every game we play, and it is only going to get better and better with this group of coaches and the quality of recruit we are now getting.

Anonymous said...

Not sure we did ourselves a favor with swapping out Fordham for St Francis. Would rather have seen a little lighter opponent there but I guess scheduling being what it is options were limited.

LionAlum76 said...

Over/Under 5.5 wins for 2016? What do you think are realistic expectations
Georgetown, Wagner, Brown, Cornell are all must wins and we should be able to get 2 of the other 6.

Roar Lion said...

Hope you're right 76 but I don't think anyone would take the over on 5.5. Pete's last two recruiting classes were not strong. I suspect we will have a lot of freshman on the two-deep and that is not a recipe for winning. We need to win a couple of the tight games we could not put away last year, and then look to 2017 as a year where we can win six.