Wednesday, March 9, 2016

High School Confidential

Cavalier Stadium

As I continue to follow the furious pace of offers our coaching staff is currently making to Class of 2017 high school juniors, I'm trying to keep track of the several high schools where we're finding, (and hopefully eventually netting), talent.

Here are the facts about just some of the more recent Columbia offerees from schools where the Lions have found at lease some players before:

-Lake Travis HS is where Columbia found current starters DB Brock Kenyon and LB Hagen Patterson. Now we have an offer out to All State DB Austin Hiller. 

-Cardinal Newman HS in West Palm Beach, FL has long been a font of football talent. But only one documented Cardinal Newman grad has been successfully recruited to Columbia, Matt Swyers '93, who did not have much of a football career in college. The coaches are trying to change things up with a recent offer to DB Carson Powell.

-Even casual high school football fans have heard about Mater Dei HS in Southern California. Calling that school a "power" is an understatement. Columbia has offers out to at least three Mater Dei juniors, DB Jalen Cole, DB Roman Kafentzis, and now DB Kyle Moses. So far, only one Mater Dei grad has come to Columbia football: Robbie Gibson '04, also not someone who had a memorable college football career.

-Saint Francis HS in the shadow of Google HQ in Mountain View, CA is becoming a new focus-point for Columbia recruiting lately. Current players Justin Aimonetti and Landon Baty hail from that school along with new offeree DB Cyrus Habibi-Likio. Aimonetti and Baty are currently the only St. Francis players the Lions have netted.

-Xaverian HS in Brooklyn, NY is mostly known for basketball, (Chris Mullin starred there), but it has football too. Despite its proximity to Columbia, only one documented Xaverian grad has played for the Lions, Bob McDonald '76. We currently have an offer out to All State DL Mike Marinelli.

-The University Liggett School outside of Detroit has been a strong source of football talent, but Columbia has only one football alum from there, Kevin Espy '02. Now we have an offer out to DB Charles Caine.


I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

It would help quite a bit if yu clarified what exactly constitutes an "offer' in Ivy League terms for incoming recruits. Is it, for example, merely limited to a guaranteed locker in the locker room? Especially since the Ivy League famously does not give athletic scholarships, what does an "offer" then include? Thanks.

LionAlum76 said...

An offer says the staff wants you and will give you admission if your SAT score allows you to get into the proper banding level. If they've offered a player they deem a "Band 3" player and he only gets the SAT score to make him a Band 1 guy, the staff will let him know he still needs to get his score up if he wants to come to Columbia.