Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Class of 2020 Names Officially Released

Michael Murphy

The athletics website has now officially released the names of the incoming new football players for 2016.

39 new names appear on the roster, leaving me two short of the 41 I had reported. But one "missing" player did Tweet he was joining the team. That was Christian Boujaoude. I do not know why he's not on the roster yet.

So who's our one truly "missing" player?

That would be speedy WR Will Ontiveros. I'm not sure if he has declared for another school or anything like that. His Twitter feed is quiet on the subject.

Also "missing" is any news on transfers, so I have to guess that there will be no transfers this year. It's not like we were promised any transfers, so we can't say we're disappointed.

Now that the list is official, I will have my LionFeeders database of all the documented players coming to Columbia football and their high schools updated later today.

I like a tremendous amount of these incoming players. I had a hard time choosing 3-4 guys to talk more about, so I decided to go with ten, (and I could have done a lot more).

WR Josh Wainwright

A flipped commitment from Northern Arizona to CU, so his college career starts with making a very good choice. Talent-wise, he's looking pretty good too.

DB Michael Murphy

A lot of recruiting experts were salivating over this guy. His dad played for Penn. 

DL Alex Robin

If you didn't KNOW I was going to cheer about a 280-pound DT from a competitive Alabama high school conference... well, you just don't know me at all.

RB Lynnard Rose

Another young man who made the good decision to go Ivy when he must have been under extreme pressure to stay home and follow the great family tradition at U. Houston. His dad is Lynden Rose of Phi Slamma Jamma fame. More importantly, Rose has good agility and quickness and the coaches seemed over the moon when he committed.

RB Tanner Thomas

Thomas was already committed to Columbia before he began a monster senior season with week after week of 150-yard-plus performances.

QB Matt Dame

Made news when he got an offer from University of Miami, but smartly spurned "the U." for the Ivy League. He's got a shot to make a lot of noise before he's done.

K Oren Milstein

I can't remember Columbia bringing in a more heralded kicker.

LB William McQuinn

An intriguing part of the team, and maybe can be technically called a transfer as he started out at the U.S. Air Force Academy last year.

DL Arman Samouk

Another very big D-lineman from good football country. You just can't have too many of those.

DL Michael Geraghty

A team captain from a national powerhous like Bishop Gorman is hard to ignore.


oldlion said...

Ontiveros had previously tweeted that he had committed and is running track at Columbia. He is an excellent 400 meter guy.

ungvar said...

This article (http://qctimes.com/sports/high-school/track-and-field/life-changing-decision-ontiveros-reaps-benefits-of-going-out-for/article_8a7f82dd-9557-5660-8081-ff8bd57f6fe3.html) says that Ontiveros will play football and run track.

LionAlum76 said...

Not surprised he isn't listed under the incoming recruits then. If Bagnoli declared him then it would count under one of the "football slots" rather than the "track slots". 50/50 chance he's at training camp or he might have to unofficially walk-on once classes start.

oldlion said...

Al was a master at Penn in the art of recruiting a few players a year who were not designated as football recruits but deemed to be walk ons.

Anonymous said...

Dame looks like a big time QB. That's a serious upgrade if it pans out.

Chen1982 said...

How can you judge his potential relative to the nottongham hype or morningweg or hill? I can't tell this just by watching the hudl video

Anonymous said...

You talking about Nottingham as a transfer from Stanford or coming out of HS? A lot of kids have measurables - the height, the athleticism, arm strength, hype, etc. Nottingham had all of that coming out of HS and ended up in a difficult situation behind Andrew Luck at Stanford. He certainly could have been much more successful had he not ended up playing behind Luck or for a weak coaching staff at Columbia. So while many of these kids could be "big time" it is all in potential. They all have to prove themselves of course, get the right coaching, mentality and commitment.

Hill's HS film was impressive as well though other than being fast on his feet I don't see him as being the pocket passer of Nottingham's mold or of Dame who is better than all of the guys you mention.

I am in the minority in not really being a fan of Mornhinweg's style of play. I just haven't seen him be effective consistently. He and Hill seem to be pretty similar with Mornhinweg having better game management and passing accuracy.

Chen1982 said...

I hear what you say, but i just don't know how you arrive at this conclusion from the films....Hill looked great in his films also...maybe I am not a good enough eye.