Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More Offers

Desmond Banks

Another day, another bevvy of Columbia football offers.

Let's get right to the latest names:

WR Mason Gryniuk from Woodgrove HS in Purcellville, VA.

OL Mark Mulvaney from Holliston HS in Holliston, MA.

TE Declan Burt from St. John's Prep HS in Danvers, MA.

(The Columbia offers to Burt and Mulvaney were written up by ESPN Boston)

DB Desmond Banks from Boys Latin HS in Baltimore, MD.

A 6"6 TE Tanner Taula from Blue Springs HS in Blue Springs, MO.

Dartmouth List

The Big Green has announced its incoming class of 35 football players, walk-ons included.

One name that jumps out at me is Jordan McGriff, a huge 325-pound DT who committed to Fordham last year, but that commitment didn't take. When he committed to Fordham, he was expected to be an OL in college, but Dartmouth is listing him solely on the defensive side.

RB Mason Koch made some headlines a year and a half ago when he got a perfect score on the ACT.

Oh, and don't worry. Dartmouth's incoming WR Drew Estrada is not NOT 5"1, but 5"11. That's a typo.


I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Could you pease exlain, what in this specific context and at this late date, an "offer" actually ickudes and entails, Kae? Thanks.

Also, do this many offers" affect our ability to recruit for the following year? I fear that with this many guys, a lot of them will leave the team after assessing their chances of ever playing. Purpoaely doing that would then seem a rather cynical move by the coaching staff. We already have more incoming players than were on the entire varsity during Bill Campbell's senior year.(When we of course shared in that lobe Ivy title.)

Jake said...

These are early offers for 2017, not late offers for this fall. We used to have bigger freshmen classes so we could field a freshmen team but now every school gets a total of 120 slots for recruited players every four years.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Are Ivy offers made before national signing day ever rescinded? It just seems like an awful crapshoot without at least some observation of one's final year of high school ball.

Jake said...

Every offer at this time is conditional, especially on grades and test scores. But all Ivy schools pretty much have to make a lot of offers. I'd bet it's almost 10 offers for each actual commit.

oldlion said...

Our recruiting is going to suffer by the hit job in yesterday's Spec by a disgruntled senior about how he was shortchanged in his four years because too many resources are going into Manhattanville. The article quotes the hard core red diaper baby faculty members who are always trashing Columbia.

LionAlum76 said...

Dartmouth's incoming TE Tucker Spears is the brother of former Columbia TE Connor Spears

Chen1982 said...

Somehow I just don't think one senior making noise is going to register with prospective student athletes choosing the totality of Columbia University, now made even more formidable with expansion of the campus.