Thursday, May 19, 2016

Princeton's Class

Kevin Davidson, (yes he looks mighty young)

Princeton has officially announced its class of 30 incoming freshmen.

The first thing that jumps out at me about this class is that includes six offensive lineman and a long snapper. I suspect that Head Coach and former O-lineman Bob Surace hasn't been happy with the overall results in that unit and he wants to start a reboot.

Alex Deters from the great St. Xavier HS may be the best of the incoming O-linemen. I assume

In my ongoing quest to single out promising big defensive linemen, Matt Hamson out of Pittsburgh looks pretty good for the Tigers.

WR Andrew Griffin also seems like a significant "get."

And QB Kevin Davidson is a possible future start.

Overall though, this Princeton class does not look as impressive as Penn's class or even as much of an upgrade-from-its-norm that Cornell's class appears to be.

Columbia, Brown, and Yale are now the only Ivy schools not to announce their freshmen and newcomers. But I don't expect Columbia to take more than another eight days to do so.

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alswingman said...

This program is in good shape. After a rocky spell when Surace looked to be all but fired a few years ago, the Tigers will continue their role as spoilers with an outside but doable shot at the title.