Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cornell’s Class

Harley Kirsch

Cornell has become the fourth school in the Ivies to unveil its incoming football class. 

The class has 31 members including one transfer, WR Nesean Crofford who was redshirted at Syracuse University last season. 

At first glance, this class seems to be a lot better than what looked like an unimpressive Cornell freshman crop last year.

Here are 9 other members of the class that caught my eye:

LB Mo Bradford from Hot Springs, AK 

RB Harold Coles from Erie, PA 

DB David Jones from Sugar Land, TX 

QB Harley Kirsch from Redmond, WA 

WR Davy Lizana from Phoenix, MD 

PK/P Nicholas Null from Bradenton, FL 

LB Dylan Otolski from Grand Rapids, MI 

LB Cameron Ryan from Milford, CT 

DB Jelani Taylor from Mount Morris, MI 

Oh and if TE Tommy McIntyre caught YOUR eye after being listed at 6-8, you're not alone. But I investigated further and McIntyre was listed as 6-6 in high school, and he has not really played that much football because of injuries. Perhaps he may excel in Ithaca, but he is a project to be sure.

Columbia’s News

I’m pretty confident Columbia will release its official list of incoming freshmen and any possible transfers before Memorial Day Weekend. That means we have 16 days at the most to wait for the news. 


alawicius said...

From his stats and clips, Harold Coles looks like a potential star RB for Cornell. The class is impressive, and if frosh QB Harley Kirsch delivers as expected, the Big Red will be on the rise.

alawicius said...

Cornell's other incoming QB, Mike Cantanese, was 1st team All-State New York. That's two 1st-team all state quarterbacks...can any other Ivy team say that?


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if Coach Archer will last beyond this year if the program does not produce better results. A competitive Cornell is good for the league and they do have some history of success.