Monday, October 31, 2016

Fumbled Away

Yale 31 Columbia 23

Why Yale Won

The Elis forced five turnovers, including two in the 2nd quarter that both led to Yale TD's. Freshman QB Kurt Rawlings came into the game in relief and helped the Elis maintain their lead throughout.

Why Columbia Lost

In addition to the turnovers, the Lion offense took way too long to get into a groove. Columbia finished with just 92 yards rushing and allowed four sacks.

Key Turning Points

-On the second play of the 2nd quarter, Lion RB Alan Watson fumbled the ball at the Yale 36 and Eli freshman DE John Herubin returned it for a TD.

-Less than two minutes after that TD, Columbia punt returned Lynnard Rose dropped a punt that Yale recovered at the Columbia 15. Two plays later is was 14-0.

Columbia Positives

-The Lions defense performed extremely well despite the final score. Yale was held to just 99 rushing yards overall and start runner Alan Lamar had just 66 yards on 28 carries.

-The 4th quarter marked the emergence of a new potential weapon for the Lions: WR Ronald Smith. The fact that he was making so many difficult catches when so many of his teammates had trouble holding on to the ball was notable. He finished with six catches for 114 yards and two TD's.

Columbia Negatives

-The turnovers were galling, especially the dropped punt.

-The Lion offense still looked unready to play, especially after it committed two substitution penalties on the same drive.

Columbia MVP

-It seemed like the Lion defense was making tackles for a loss every other play. Once again, that effort was led by senior LB Ginamarco Rea. He was the MVP of this game with Smith coming in as a close second for his receiving heroics.


oldlion said...

If we can just play error free offense and avoid turnovers we will be in much better shape. I wonder if the new hurry up offense is such a good idea. But we still have poor QB play and an inability to hold onto the ball or to make routine catches. Ronald Smith deserves to start.

Big Dawg said...

We still have two solid shots for "W"s. I look at Harvard as a no-pressure scrimmage, where we can get ourselves ready for those two legit chances.

Chen1982 said...

We never win in Providence....look at the historical records....

We have one must win vs Cornell at home

I hope bagnoli uses these final three games to rotate in new OLinemen

Jake said...

I dint think the O line is the problem.

Chen1982 said...

Beg to differ....every game i have seen, QB is hurried or sacked and holes for RBs seldom there. We have seen O lines on better teams prevent sacks and give time for QB to read the D and find open men.

We seldom dominate the line of scrimmage, and I dont think our offensive impotence can all be laid on Hill or Watson

oldlion said...

We won in Providence during Norries Wilson's first season.

alswingman said...

Didn't see the game but I find it unreal the same problem plague this team. You simply cannot beat yourselves with turnovers.

I do like the emergence of a deep threat and even better Hill does not have to make perfect throws for him to haul it in.

I do hold out some measure of hope they can at least show some spark against Harvard. If the offense can just turn the corner and get some rhythm going, find a consistent balanced attack, it would prepare the team for wins the final 2 games. A string of losses at the end and we can't call this a productive season.

alawicius said...

Agree with Jake, O-line is okay but new O overall not effective as anyone can see. QB has his moments but too inconsistent. Arrival of Bean and Filacouris will start upswing.

oldlion said...

What about Dame, Castner, Petlansky? Why aren't they also options at QB? And will we ever see Mornhinweg again?

Chick said...

Same QB question as Old Lion. We recruit a lot of QB's. How come almost none is deemed worthy of actually playing QB?

alawicius said...

Apparently none of the other QBs are as yet a satisfactory alternative. If they were they'd be in Rawlings in the group. But help is on the way. Infinite hope and patience required, as usual.