Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ivy Power Rankings

Now that every Ivy team has had a chance to play an Ivy game, we have a better idea of where the league is:

7. (tie)  Columbia and Yale 

Yale's massive player defections and injury losses, combined with a lack of a solid QB, have led to an even worse than expected 0-3 start to 2016. The Elis are losing their games by an average of 28 points apiece.

Columbia, as we know, has shown some flashes on defense but the blowout loss at home to Princeton seems to have downgraded the Lions chances of showing solid improvement this season.

6. Brown

Brown's comeback win at Bryant and decent showing against Harvard were wiped out by a bad loss to Rhode Island Saturday. This looks like the inconsistent and iffy defensive Bears of 2015.

5. Cornell

The Big Red feels like the hottest team in the league now, but I'm still not convinced they'll still be in the top half of the league at the end of the year. We'll know a lot more about Cornell after this coming weekend's game at Harvard.

4. Dartmouth

The Big Green looked like possibly the best team in the league after the first two weeks, but losing at home to Penn in a game that wasn't all that close takes them down a few pegs. Watch to see how well they bounce back now against lowly Yale.

3. Penn

Penn's big win over Dartmouth in Hanover should start the Quakers on a good run through the soft middle of their schedule. But there are still some questions about the defense.

2. Princeton

The Tigers have perhaps the best overall offense in the league. The defense is still figuring some things out, but it has the tools.

1. Harvard

Most years, you just can't detect any weaknesses in the Crimson until they play Princeton. It looks like that kind of year again.

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Anonymous said...

Princeton is always so hard to figure. They can look like a complete team one week but then drop a big game they should have won the next. Plus, they have not yet played an ivy team this season other than CU. I like Penn as #2 and Dartmouth #3. And I am willing to give Cornell and Princeton a tie until we know more about both squads.