Monday, October 3, 2016

Pushed Around

Princeton 48 Columbia 13

Why Princeton Won

The Tigers dominated the line of scrimmage, especially on offense where Princeton QB's had all day to throw and never had any doubt about gaining important yards on the ground when they needed to.

Why Columbia Lost

The Lions offense sputtered for the third straight week, but this time the defense faltered too. The Lions had no answer for the Tiger offense, particularly for RG Jack Knight or TE Scott Carpenter.

Key Turning Points

-Trailing Columbia by 6-0 with about five minutes left in the 1st quarter, Princeton faced a tough 3rd and eight at their own 33. QB Chad Kanoff gutted out a decent rush and completed an 11 yard pass to Trevor Osbourne for a 1st down. Six plays later, the Tigers had tied the score.

-On Columbia's ensuing drive, the Lions opted to go for it on a 4th and two from the Princeton 20. QB Anders Hill then overthrew a completely open WR Scooter Hollis along the sideline and Columbia never effectively threatened again.

Columbia Positives

-DB Brock Kenyon finally grabbed Columbia's first takeaway of the year with a well-timed interception on Princeton's first drive that led to the Lions' opening TD and first lead of 2016.

-The freshmen D-linemen, led by Daniel DeLorenzi and Michael Geraghty looked good in somewhat limited duty. The future of the D-line looks bright.

-WR Josh Wainwright's 89-yard catch and TD run on a pass from Hill was a pretty play, albeit in garbage time against the Princeton second team.

Columbia Negatives

-The defense was unable to stop Princeton after the first few series. The Tigers never needed to respect the Lion defense, as evidence by it's three-for-three mark on 4th down conversions.

-The Columbia offense eked out just 11 1st downs and 57 yards rushing.

-The Lions lost the turnover battle once again.

Columbia MVP

Kenyon had as much of a solid game as you can have when you're defense gives up 48 points. In addition to his INT, he had 12 total tackles.


oldlion said...

Although I hate saying this, because he is a tough kid who plays hard, Hill is just not a good passer. While he can throw a long ball from time to time, he is a drive killer who cannot make routine throws. He is a decent backup and a hard runner but misses too many open receivers and throws too many simple short passes at receivers' feet. On the defensive side, again I hate to say it because he plays so hard, but Conway cannot play pass defense. And it is never a good sign when a safety is the leading tackler. There are 12 or so first years who really have to play. They are just more talented than the upperclassmen. I like the freshman LBs,safeties, DLs and skill players.

alswingman said...

Too many problems at QB to address. Curious what the strategy is at this point. They clearly went into the season having handed Skyler the position and it is hard to pivot off that. Their fallback is Hill who is nothing more than a change of pace runner, not an effective passer. Hopefully they thought of a plan C.

Wagner is showing a slight pulse so they may steal this one unless the Lions get it together.

msgCC'60 said...

What's the current status of Skyler Mornhinweg. Injured.....assigned as a backup to Hill or something else? Have there been any post game comments from AB? Wagner is 3-1 and much improved from last year........might be another uphill battle.

columbia fan 2016 said...

Skyler had surgery in February they took a bone out of his foot, it has not healed as quickly as anyone hoped.

Chen1982 said...

Wagner crushed undefeated sacred heart who beat Albany (ranked #20 in FCS who themselves easily beat Saint Francis).....I know we don't believe in the transitive property...but....

We may come into homecoming 0-5

Yale looks like our best shot at a win this year.

oldlion said...

Here are the facts of life: Al took over a program in receivership. Last year we had four all ivy DLs, two of whom were fifth year seniors, and an all Ivy RB. So we could play with nothing to lose, plus a DL that would keep us in most games. But the reason why Al stays so calm on the sideline is because he knows that there isn't much talent in the upper classes, and most of the excellent first year class isn't ready to play. We are really two years away from being a very good team; we are off to a terrific start on recruiting and need another year in the weight room to get stronger. So I truly believe we need to measure ourselves based upon improvement from week to week and especially progress in the play of the first years.