Friday, October 21, 2016

Wet and Wild?

Dartmouth Big Green at Columbia Lions

October 22, 2016


Kickoff Time: 1:30pm, (note later start)

Game Time Weather Forecast: 50 degrees, showers, and increasing wind

The Spread: Dartmouth is favored by 12 points 

Columbia Game Notes

Dartmouth Game Notes


The game will be broadcast nationally on One World Sports Network. It is available on FIOS, but I'm not sure what other cable providers carry it. Check your local listings/channel guide. Superior audio commentary from Jerry Recco and Sal Licata is available on the Columbia Audio Network. 

Leading Story Lines

1) The weather could either be just a bit uncomfortable, the usual slippery game, or a wind and rain-swept mess. The last time Columbia beat Dartmouth was during a super rain and win storm at Wien Stadium in 2008. But the Big Green were also 0-10 that year.

2) Columbia comes with half a season left to achieve some form of visible improvement over last season. The Lions were a better team in the second half of 2015 and the better play did seem to start in their surprisingly close loss to the Big Green last year. So perhaps this too will be some kind of launching pad game. Meanwhile, Columbia hasn't won a Homecoming game since 2000, and the streak is starting to get noticed even by the younger fans.

3) Dartmouth may be looking for some sort of revenge after that 2015 game was definitely filled with lots of claims of dirty hits, etc. Big Green frustration over either the Lions stellar defensive play or perhaps some accompanying Columbia taunting led to a massive number of personal foul penalties that almost completely stifled Dartmouth's offense in the 13-9 CU loss. Much of the bad blood was between then-Big Green QB Dalyn Williams and the Columbia starting D-line. But many of the main characters in that game, including Williams, have graduated. But I wouldn't be surprised if Williams is on the Dartmouth sideline tomorrow.

Players to Watch

1) Columbia WR Josh Wainwright #13 is back from missing the Penn game due to injury. He could jump start the offense after it was obvious the Lions missed him on the field last week. But will the rain and wind play games with Wainwright's ball security issues?

2) Dartmouth LB Folarin Orimolade #9. "Flo" is a major pass rusher and all-around disruption specialist for the Big Green.

3) Columbia CB Jared Katz #21. With rain and wind likely to cut down on downfield passing, Katz may be called upon to help Columbia seal off the edges on stretched-out running plays outside the numbers. But if the field is too wet to rely on RB's making cuts, Dartmouth may try a super quick passing attack forcing Katz to play much closer to the line of scrimmage and fight through blocks.

4) Dartmouth RB Ryder Stone #32. The Big Green has been using him a little more lightly than I would have expected this season, but this kind of game in the expected rough conditions seems tailor made for him.

If, Then

-If the rain and wind really is a major factor, then both teams will need to get effective running gains from their QB's. Dartmouth's Jack Heneghan has run well this season. Columbia's Anders Hill has run well at times, but has been inconsistent.

-If Columbia's RB Alan Watson has success early on running it in between the tackles like he did against Wagner in the rain, then look for Dartmouth to adjust and force Hill to beat them with short throws.

-If the rainy conditions mess with Heneghan's strong passing yardage averages, look for the game to ride on how well the Dartmouth offensive line controls the line of scrimmage.


oldlion said...

Jake, my recollection was that Williams, who was just awful last year, lost his cool and was flagged twice for PFs and almost tossed after the second. We sacked him 5 or 6 times.

Anonymous said...

The problem is there is no Johnathan Reese to carry the offense. I think Alan Watson is starting to get some decent output under his belt but a breakout game would be a lot to ask of the guy. With such an anemic passing attack, this team desperately need a star RB to move the ball.

Chen1982 said...

Chen came, saw and the lions conquered!

Nail biter that went our way. Outstanding defense....but in truth Dartmouth didn't seem to have any real weapons

Obviously we still cant score Tds....but lets worry about that next week

Great job Lions!

Unknown said...

Roar Lion Roar!