Tuesday, November 22, 2016

All Ivy

Oren Milstein

The 2016 All Ivy awards are out and the Lions have two 1st Team awardees, six players on the 2nd Team, and oddly no one on the Honorable Mention list.

Freshman PK Oren Milstein earned the rare unanimous recognition on the 1st Team, setting himself up for a chance to be the first ever four-time 1st Team All Ivy player in Columbia history.

I'm betting fellow 1st Teamer senior LB Gianmarco Rea was close to a unanimous choice, but since he didn't get there he's not likely to be named one of the two finalists for the Defensive Player of the Year award. But what a year he had!

Seeing seniors like RB Alan Watson, DB Brock Kenyon, P Cameron Nizialek, and LT Kendall Pace get some recognition on the 2nd Team was nice to see, but it's also great that two returning players, DB Cameron Roan and DL Lord Hyeamang made it too.

It disappointing that more of the stellar players like LB's Keith Brady and Christian Conway, and WR's Josh Wainwright and Ronald Smith were overlooked. But sometimes that can be worth more in motivation for next year.

Bottom line is that Columbia improved this season and showcased a lot of very young talent for the future. Not all of it was recognized, but this program is looking for more wins and not necessarily more All Ivy recognition.


oldlion said...

I wonder if Wainwright and Smith didn't split the vote for ROY, thus opening it up to the young man from Dartmouth.

oldlion said...

PS, I was surprised to see Katz fall from 2nd team last year to no t even HM this year. I think he got burned a few too many times.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Well put, and congrats to all the honorees, whichever team they represent. But they certainly do vote quickly, don't they?

And do you foresee ny head coaching changes for eihter Ivy orIvy opponent schools now? (Which is my way of asking if beating Harvard in the last game of the season is really that important,)

florida lion said...

Congrats to the honorees and condolences to the overlooked. It was a pretty good year for the program, and the freshman class equalled or exceeded expectations. I know it's early, but I'm interested in how this year's recruiting is going.

luke montgomery said...

Are there other blogs like this for other ivy schools?

Chen1982 said...

None like this one

Have a look at VOY Ivy Sports forum for some level of chat

But only Jake drives this style of content and commentary