Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 8 Picks

I went a nice 3-0 straight up last week, but only 1-2 against the spread. That brings me to 21-11 on the year straight up and 19-13 ATS.

Princeton -3 vs. Penn

We've had some great games among the top teams in the Ivies this year, but I've got a feeling this one could be the best. The Tigers really bounced back nicely looked week after losing to Harvard the week before. I think they're just more on the rise than a Penn team that hasn't been as sorely tested as Princeton has.

Brown +2 1/2 vs. Yale

This game looks like a complete toss up, so I'm picking the home team to win and taking the bonus points.

Dartmouth -6 1/2 at Cornell

The Big Green need this game badly to keep their program momentum going. They'll win and cover.


DOC said...

Columbia's fumbling has gotten beyond ridiculous- what's the problem ?

oldlion said...

Anders Hill cannot protect the football. He is very prone to fumbling. Josh Wainwright also,has difficulty holding onto the ball. And because the other teams know that we are prone to fumbling they go,all out for the strip. This cost us the game today. We otherwise outplayed Harvard. Defense was really good, especially the front 7. In fairness to Hill, there were at least six drops by our receivers today. I still think Wainwright will be a great player for us, but he has to,make the tough catches and hold onto the ball.

Chen1982 said...

We all saw that the trio of turnovers cost two easy scores. The one that hurt most was Wainwright on the opening kick of the second half. That hands all the mo to Harvard... coaches need to spend all week with him on ball security.

But...guys...we played the #22 ranked team in their house and scored three times and at times outplayed them. No blowout. No quit.

Its ok to express some degree of pride of the lads. They fought damn hard.