Friday, November 18, 2016

Last Dance, Last Chance

Columbia Lions (2-7) at Brown Bears (4-5)

November 19, 2016 

Brown Stadium

Kickoff Time: 12:30PM

Gametime Weather Forecast: 58 degrees and sunny

The Spread: Brown is favored by 3.5 points

TV/Radio: The game is available live on the Ivy League Digital Network. Superior audio the game with Jerry Recco and Sal Licata is available on the Columbia Online Radio Network.

Columbia Game Notes

Brown Game Notes

Leading Storylines

1) This is Columbia's last chance to get that elusive third win for 2016 and make the strongest argument that it has indeed improved over last year's 2-8 mark. Brown is looking to surprise a lot of naysayers and claim a winning record in the Ivies.

2) Brown seems to be getting better every week with junior QB TJ Linta at the helm. Look for the Bears to use this game as a launching point to contending for a title in 2017.

3) Columbia's offense has suddenly come to life over the last few weeks, greatly due to the emergence of freshman WR Ronald Smith as a 100-yard per game threat. A rare warm season-ending game in Providence could be his chance to make a case for Ivy Rookie of the Year.


Chen1982 said...

Many people have been saying the OLine is fine, but I have not been of this opinion. We allow too many sacks and QB rushes in each game and there is mixed ability to open holes for running backs. I think this is one contributor to the offense committing so many errors and turn overs that have handed at least three games away to opponents. When I see what the Cornell QB did to us with time to guess is that Hill would have more high scoring games if we could block for him consistently

But, with another year of experience, selected new talent and the great freshman class rising to sophomores...we should win as many as we lose next year.

Charles Pace said...

Chen I respect your opinion but I certainly don't agree with it. You do not know what caused a sack in any particular situation unless you know the play call and individual responsibilities of the players on the team so it's easy to blame the OL.
In many instances sacks were committed because RB''s missed assignments and didn't pick up the correct defender.
In other situations the defense brought an unaccounted for defender to the line and the QB has to see that and know to get rid of the ball using a hot read.
Also, the QB has to step up in the pocket and utilize pocket awareness which could avoid many of the sacks we've had.
There are a multitude of additional reasons sacks happen but they are not important because I think I've made my point.
The OL is gonna give up sacks because that's football but your assertions are not backed up with facts.
If we catch the balls then this would not be an issue.
If we don't fumble balls this would not be an issue.
If we don't throw interceptions this would not be an issue.
To insinuate the OL is responsible for turnovers is ridiculous.
The OL has protected well last year AND this year and generated 150 yds rushing every game except 2 if my memory doesn't fail me. The OL coach and coaches in general have done great jobs since they've been on the scene.
It's a TEAM game and mistakes are a TEAM issue.

oldlion said...

The OL was pretty good today. Great win.

Chen1982 said...

Dear Father of an O's a team game but the O line has no fault in things? A bit sensitive are we?

I never put the blame entirely on the O line, but was not giving them the pass that many on this site were

We can agree to disagree

Unknown said...

Great win today!!

Chen1982 said...

In any event....I am happy, even ecstatic to be proven wrong by results on the field. The whole offense worked well today including the O Line. The Defense was its usual stout self. And I am elated to be wrong about my pessimism of winning in Providence. In the past three games we have seen what the offense can do under the new system. The team needed this win to end on a confident note and to solidify the next recruiting class.

#1 Lion said...

If this O-Line is the best we had, then the back-up must have been worse (hard to believe), so let's hope we get some transfers and some freshmen that can play.

#1 Lion said...

Yes, good win in Providence against a great coach. Just a couple of things... I think we can all agree that the QB performance this year was challenging on multiple fronts. At some point we have to look at Santos and ask what was he doing? He was a great QB in college, played in the CFL, and coached under McDonnell at UNNH for several years. Hill needs to get rid of the ball at least 2 seconds sooner. He needs to learn how to run better (stop taking hits), and he needs to learn how to hold on to the ball (far too many QB fumbles that cost us a few games this year). And will someone please tell Pence to stop running so upward; he's going to get killed! I'm looking forward to see these highly touted underclassmen can do.

Chen- You're 100% correct!

Charles Pace said...

Chen182, my name is Charles not parent of player. Let me apologize. I had no idea that respecting but disagreeing with your point of view would make you ask me if I was sensitive. I'm certainly not sensitive because I know what I'm talking about and gave you several examples to help you see a different point of view. As you stated, many here on the blog don't agree with you.
I am actually blessed to have had my son play in 40 games and start 39 of them. I am also blessed that my son has never been injured or concussed. I continue to be blessed when I reflect on his awards as a player and the brotherhood he has with his CU coaches and teammates not to mention graduation in May. Lastly, I'm blessed that 5 NFL teams came to CU to scout him this past season. So no I'm not sensitive at all.
One more thing, I specifically stated in my post that OL's give up sacks because that's the nature of the sport. It happens from Pop Warner to the pros everyday. So please be accurate in what you state about my post.
I too am glad you were wrong about yesterday and that your pessimistic attitude was unwarranted. The team will be very good next year and that includes the OL.

Roar Lion said...

Great win for the team and especially to see the offense play so much better the last two games. With respect to the back and forth above, the OLine was not the problem on offense. QB was inaccurate most of the year, seemed to make strides the last few games. The pass game got much better when the freshman WRs started playing most of the snaps -- a sign that blocking was not the problem.

In any case, best game of the season from start to finish and a nice way for the seniors to go out.

oldlion said...

The OL played well against Brown. I don't get the criticism.

florida lion said...

Despite some negative comments here, I am happy. A great win. The program is moving forward. It was great to see Alan Watson get his touchdown. Looking forward to 2017!!

#1 Lion said...

Jake- Can you please provide, in your opinion, a grade for the overall positions now that the season is over. I would also like to see your opinion on the coaches as well. Just curious where you see potential gaps and strengths going in to next year.

One thing that we need to be mindful of is that we still don't have a JV team. This puts us at grave disadvantage. Hopefully, getting that up and running will help the development of the younger players.

oldlion said...

I have been saying since his freshman year, when he was thrown into action as a 17 year old because there was nobody better than him at the time, that he had the look and athleticism of a prototypical left tackle. I am really glad that he has gotten through his long career in great shape and hope he gets a real shot at playing on Sunday's.

Unknown said...

Charles Pace. I have been reading this blog for a few years. I'm convinced that Chen doesn't know if a football is "stuffed" or "filled with air". Your son has played competitively in the Ivy League. What a gift. Great win on Saturday!!!

Chen1982 said...

In retrospect, i regret saying you were being sensitive. I must have been having a bad day. Please accept my apology Mr Pace and thank Kendall for his dedication to the Lion football program that we all love

Chen1982 said...

Dear Unknown

I have apologised to Mr Pace for taking my comments too far. I just want to enjoy the win vs Brown and continue participating on this nice blog. I never played the game but have been a loyal fan since 1978. And I commit to studying in the off season to learn the answer to your difficult multiple choice question

Maybe next season you will identify yourself?

Chen1982 said...

Thanks #1 Lion.....hey can you help me answer whether a football is stuffed or filled with air? I am stumped

Charles Pace said...

Apology accepted. GO Lions!