Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Columbia Cubs?

Our future

Admit it.

If you're a Columbia football fan, you watched the Cubs run to the World Series title and hope it will provide inspiration for our long-suffering Lions to do the same someday soon.

If you're like me, you've been mentally comparing the Cubs brilliant GM Theo Epstein to Head Coach Al Bagnoli. You've noticed that the Cubs did poorly in the won-loss column in each of Epstein's three first years at the helm, while his old team the Boston Red Sox won another World Series in 2013... just like the Lions are struggling now as Penn wins more championships.

And so on, and so forth.

Columbia fans knew when we brought Bagnoli in that it would take time. He and new Athletic Director Peter Pilling essentially said the same thing as Epstein did when he came to Chicago: "be patient." And five years seems like nothing for most Columbia fans to wait.

Of course, Ivy League football is a much different animal than Major League Baseball. We don't have trades, free agents, or the steady stream of monstrous cash the Cubs could rely on despite their miserable history.

But Bagnoli is a proven winner and Pilling is a serious guy who knows results on the field matter the most. Bagnoli may be much older than Epstein, but he sure doesn't look like he's slowing down.

So take a very vivid picture of the Cubs and their fans today. Hopefully, Columbia and its fans will be celebrating the same way in a couple of years.


Chen1982 said...

I, for one, was emotionally lured into expecting more this season after such a turn around in year one. But two years ago, I was rationally prepared for a five year reconstruction period. So I am resetting expectations for 2018 being the year we contend meaningfully for a title. 2019 when we are picked to win it. Just one crazy lions fans fantasy.

RLB said...

Anyone know who the new MBB pxp announcer will be?

oldlion said...

Jake and others, is there an update on how we are doing in recruiting as compared to this time last year?